What you need when renewing your South African drivers license


Hi. I'm currently 33 years old and I'm a full time web developer. I love my wife and... my two cats! The main goal of this blog is to help other South Africans with product reviews, how to articles and updated science and tech news. There are many things that's not very clearly explained like how to do your tax or how to renew your car license for example. So hopefully this blog can be useful to others.

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  1. Nelieta says:

    Hi, thank you for the information. I live in Argentina and need to get mine done when I am in SA in Feb. Do you know what the current prices are?


    • Z M says:

      Went to Pinetown this morning.Very quick.Friendly staff.You must take with you your ID documet,,proof of residence, 2 photos either black &white or colour. This is for your temp licence.Take a black pen &your glasses if you use one.Cash….R250 for your driver’s licence which you will have to collect after 4weeks.R90 for your temp licence.

  2. susy says:

    Thanks so much, so cool

  3. Y says:

    Thanks so much!
    V V helpful

  4. Rene Vice says:

    Dankie, dankie, dankie!

    Now I know the fee, do you need a certified ID copy?

  5. Simone Khan says:

    Last time I went, 2013, I didn’t need photos as the licensing department take a photo of you which goes straight to the computer

  6. precious says:

    hi what i dont clearly understand is that are we suppouse to bring 4 photos n pls guys help with ths i want to knw how mch it cost for C1 pls help me,

  7. Jason says:

    Just went to Randburg. You need to take along a passport type photo, certified copy of ID, existing license card and R228. If you require a temp license you will need an additional photo and R72, which will be sorted out at the cashiers. When you get there you fill in the DL1 form and head up stairs. You then sit in a queue for a while then go to another room. Then get your eyes tested, photo, fingerprints and signature taken digitally and then pay. When I arrived at 11:14 I was no 142 and when I left at 12:45 no 182 was about to go into the waiting room. Hopefully all the numbers were consecutive. 🙂 Cash only btw!

  8. Jax says:

    Thank you……. information much appreciated.

  9. Naazim says:

    Kindly advise me if I can apply for a renewal with my passport.

  10. Doctor says:

    Tanx guys 4da in4

  11. Joesh says:

    my driver’s license expired june 2014
    what do I need to do to renew my card

  12. Alon says:

    Thanks so much! I wish the municipal sites would have this info.
    R228 renewal and R72 temporary licence. 91/7/2015).
    Take a spare battery and a bucket of patience with you!

  13. Donovan says:

    Is it possible to renew your license card before it expires, and how long does it take for your new card to arrive?

  14. chanel says:

    hi there! does anyone know the cost of getting your registration certificate? ive lost mine and it is no longer financed. I am the title holder.

    • Sushi says:

      I had lost mine as well, I called the bank that did the financing (absa) and had to pay about 350 Rand into an account they gave me then send proof payment along with my details via email. They posted the registration certificate to me within 7 days

  15. Thembs says:

    Thank you for the info, need to renew mine.

  16. Nick says:

    Just been to Randburg License department for duplicate and temporary license . They do have a system but it does take time! Exactly @Jason said May13-2015. You can get your eyes tested at your opticians and get a paper to submit but does not really save much time as the eye test is about 2 minutes! Don’t forget it is cash only – I was there 11.35 to 13.05 Tuesday 21 July 2015. Take a book! Or start an interesting conversation!

  17. Nick says:

    SPEEDING FINES!? While waiting to pay the guy behind me mentioned that you will not get your license until you have paid your speeding fines – so check before you go – Fines are paid is in the building adjacent where you re-new your car license discs.

    • House says:

      @Nick is the story about the outstanding traffic fines true? Do they make you pay them?

      Because on the Arrive Alive website it says:
      “Licensing authorities MAY NOT withhold a licensing transaction because there are “outstanding traffic fines”. They may inform the alleged offender that they exist, but that’s about it.”

  18. Angela says:

    I have just been to the Marionhill/Pinetown licence center to renew my drivers
    Open 7.45-14.30 week days
    I did not need photo’s, they have a camera there.
    They did not require a copy of my ID
    Process was fairly efficient, took just over an hour. Staff polite and friendly to everyone.
    Cost R250, if you need a temporary licence as well it’s an extra R90
    Apparently the process time is 8 weeks and you need to phone and see if it’s ready, NO sms sent
    If someone else is picking it up for you they will an affidavit from the police as well as both the drivers and the pick up persons ID’s
    You do need to take your old licence, ID book and a black pen to fill in the form and cash

    • Helen Freer says:

      Thanks so much for this info. A friend and I will be going to Marianhill near Pinetown in a week’s time so this is just what we need to know.

  19. Marianne Bam says:

    To download the DL1 form for renewal of drivers license go to:


    This is the eNatis site. From a google search it seems this is the form needed. Hope it helps.

  20. Duey Mohlala says:

    Shot for this!!

  21. DJ Rautenbach says:

    Guys, just read first before you reply, Francois clearly stated what is needed. Just take everything and extras. And stop asking stupid questions, its whats needed.

  22. Lerato says:

    Thank you very for the information. Interesting informative blog by the way.

  23. House says:

    Roodepoort Scam!

    Be aware of the “dodgy guys” taking photos outside the Roodepoort station. I got scammed badly by them.
    I wanted to go and renew my drivers license during my lunch break. Being pressed for time, and not having photos with me, I thought I will just get it done at the station by the “dodgy guys sitting outside of the licensing station”…. I should have listened.

    You step into their booth and once the photos are done, they drop the line that they can get it done for you within 30 min, and you are out of there, no queues. Their fee, R550, includes all registration costs etc. Being in a hurry I thought great, this will save me some time and I agreed. You then hand them your photos, copy of ID, details necessary to complete the form and of course the cash. Then you wait in your car for a call to come for their guy on the inside for you to come do your fingerprints etc. So I waited 5 minutes and got a call from the guy inside. He then told me that I have outstanding fines (he knew the right amount) and that they could not go ahead unless I pay these fines, due to the ENATIS system blocking my renewal. But the sweetener is that if you pay the entire outstanding amount at once, that they will be able to give you 50% discount as they normally do if you pay within 30 days. He promised a pre and post fine statements in which you will be able to see that all your fines have been paid, proof of payment and a temporary licence… but you cannot come with as he is skipping the queue and the other people will get upset etc. Long story short, you never see your money again. You leave there empty handed, embarrassed and livid that you could have been so stupid and gullible to fall for such a scam just to save some time.

  24. simone says:

    Thanks guys this helps….is there any penalty fee your licence is like a few months expired. ..Please let me know

  25. Modise says:

    Thank you ke ya leboga

  26. Margot says:

    Hi – just returned from attempting to get my drivers renewed in East London. I was told that they needed proof of address. It could be a mix-up as I see online that you need this only, if renewing a car licence. Can someone clear this up for me, as I have been out of the country until recently so have no proof of where I am staying. Thanks

  27. Ismail says:

    Just got back from Marlboro 11:45 from 8am this morning. You need 2x photos and a copy of your id (no need to certify it) as well as your current drivers licence and original id. Fill out form DL1 (Link posted below). Go straight to queue to have eyes tested after which the same person will take your finger print, signature and another photo. Go to cashier to pay.


  28. Shay says:

    They have just implemented a new policy as of December 2015 – you now need your proof of residence as well!

  29. Ashley says:

    Can I use the forms off ENATIS or must we use original forms from dept ?

  30. irene says:

    Hi there! I renewed mine last December and after 6 weeks of waiting when I went to collect my drivers license they told me it takes 8 weeks, now i’m worried because my drivers license will expire next week Friday

    • Edward says:

      Hey Francois.

      Thanks so much for this, helping people you might never even meet! Pretty hearty and awesome if you ask me…

      I also have a question: Do you know how much it costs to renew a license this year (2016)?

  31. Veronica Schute says:

    thanks for all the info and advice above this is great.
    Kind regards

  32. Karien says:

    Does anyone know how it works at centurion.

  33. Jeanette says:

    I have not had the courage to face the licencing dept and thus I am 2.5 years late. The penalty will be huge and I haven’t a clue how much money to take with me. Does anyone know it I will be able to pay by card or do they purely work on cash?

  34. Stephen says:

    Just an update I renewed my drivers license at Sandton today (27 January 2016). The whole process took about 3.5 hours and the cost was R228. You can only pay by cash and if you need a temporary license you would need to pay extra.

    You do not need to show proof of address but you do need to take a copy of your ID along with your actual ID. The copy does not need to be certified. You will also need to take 2 black and white photos.

  35. Kim says:

    Thank you for the information Francois it is appreciated. Going today for a temp licence!

  36. Hanni Beyers says:

    My license card was stolen along with my wallet a few months ago. So, I don’t have my existing license card to take with me or show them. How will this impact the process? Are you able to apply for a new license if you cannot produce the old one?

  37. Minky Goodbrand says:

    You also now need proof of residence.
    I went yesterday.

  38. Louis says:

    Hi there. If anybody could assist I would appreciate it. I did my licence in Lydenburg and then moved to joburg 2 weeks later.now my temp is about to expire . I can’t afford to go to lydenburg to pick it up my card. It’s about 500 km there and then 500 km back. So my question is whether I can renew my licence here in joburg if I haven’t picked it up in Lydenburg yet? Please advise.

  39. Dawie says:

    Hi, So today I went to renew my license at the Centurion Licenses offices, it expired 4 Jan 2016. It was said on this site and by many people that from December 2015 you need to have proof of residence. I sat in the queue for 3 hours and when it was my turn, I went for an eye test, fingerprints and they took the photo inside. I went to the cashier side and there I was waiting for my turn to pay. I went to the cashier and she took the DL1 application form and the two print outs from the eye test and thats it,she even asked would I like took take a temporary license as well, I took one just in case. I did not need the proof of residence maybe I was lucky.

    I took the following:

    Origian ID book, Copy of ID, 4x Black and white ID photo and R400.

    R228 for renewal
    R72 for Temp license.

    Now I have to wait 6-8 weeks for my license

  40. debby says:

    I have been twice to renew my license but I have an outstanding fine and they will not renew it until I go to Greenpoint or Bluedowns to sort it out, so in the meantime I am illegal 🙁 as I do not have the R800 to pay the fine plus the R400 for the licence and temp licence.

  41. Jovis says:

    Is it R400 or R300? R228 + R72 = R300

  42. Levern says:

    I renewed my licence this morning at Parow licencing centre (Cape Town).
    Only needed 1 ID photo, old licence card and ID book. Cost was R140 for Code B. No copies of ID or proof of residence required. My licence expires tomorrow, but I was told that I do not need a temp licence, as my receipt is proof of renewal.

  43. SL says:

    At Sasolburg , they send me away cos i needed the copy of the id and drivers licence as their copier does not work , then they also asked prove of residence. I think they were just being funny. I will have to go back again.

    • Hi,

      This is a new law that came in. You now have to supply a proof of residence. It can be any bill that you receive in the post.

      If you supply something printed at home like your Edgars statement they will show you away.

      So for safety, just show something that you’ve received in the post with your address on it.

      I hope this helps.

  44. Sofia says:


    wanted to go to Wynberg licence office, and after I have red this blog and comments, I went to Randburg driving licence office. Went in at 12:35 and out at 13:30. What a pleasure. Was fast and efficient, there were 2 people before me. They quickly made copy of existing driving licence, took my certified copy of ID book (that I brought with me), took green form that I have completed, and one person quickly checked my eyes, took fingerprints and got my signature. After this I paid R228, got a document confirming payment and got out.

    • Sofia says:

      Oh yeah, they also took 1 black and white photo (passport size) and took a photo of me inside, by the same person who was checking my eye-site and taken my fingerprints.
      They said they don’t need proof of residence.

  45. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the information and sharing of experiences! Interesting to read that there does not (typically) appear to be a uniform set of requirements and costs. i have to do the renewal thing at Randburg and am dreading it! i’m not the most patient queuer!

  46. Kelvin says:

    Hi all, is the Malboro licence office still open? Can I renew my drivers there?

  47. kirsten says:

    hi guys i have just gone, you need proof of residence as well. what a waste of time having gone all that way, with proof of residence but because its my parents house i need and affidavit to say i live there. with my dad standing right next to me :/ what a stupid process.

  48. Jamie says:

    Hi guys, I have outstanding fines to pay and my licence is about to expire. Would I be able to renew my licence with the outstanding fines?

  49. khanya says:

    Hi guys, I have outstanding fines to pay and my licence is about to expire. Would I be able to renew my licence with the outstanding fines?

  50. Heather Rasmussen says:

    Have just been to Randburg, and I agree, what a pleasure. Parked at 14h20, back in the car by 14h45. The people are all very friendly, helpful and efficient. I took proof of residence (which they kept), 1 b/w photo, R228. I had paid my local optometrist R50 for a certificate which they accepted and that saved a bit of time and stress. They were also quite happy to accept the DL1 form that I’d downloaded from the enatis site that one of your bloggers indicated. Filling that in beforehand also saved quite a lot of time. I had also taken a copy of my ID but they do make a photocopy if you haven’t. Thank you everyone for your comments and advice.

  51. Hilton Solomon says:

    Why must you settle your outstanding fines in order to renew your driver or car license? Certainly this will create extra debt. This is a violation of your right to be legal on the road and no amount of debt should restrict any one from doing so.

  52. Lynette Ash says:

    Please advise the current cost of renewing my SA credit card driver’s licence.
    I am in the Port Elizabeth, do they have different costs, depending which Municipality you fall under (Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality).
    Also, my licence has expired already (29/3/16). What will I have to pay in the way of a fine?

  53. David says:

    How long does the traffic department keep your new drivers licence before they destroy it? is it 6 months?

  54. CHANTEL says:

    Good day All on this Blog, my drivers license is expiring in Sept 2016, are you allowed to go 3 months before the time to have it renewed? I want to go now in July month. Does anybody have experience in going to Alrode testing station (where I obtained my drivers license)? Safe to then take all of the required docs with you, I.D, copy of I.D, utility bill, 4 b/w photos and about R400 cash? Oh and of course original drivers license card. Any need to take a temp license?

  55. Asha says:

    Thank you..this was more helpful than the official website

  56. Isiah says:

    Good day to you all,

    I understand he whole process and requirements of renewal.

    What about traffic fines, this one bugs me as I have some outstanding fines from 2015?

    Thanks in advance

  57. Helen Freer says:

    Francois, thank you very much indeed for setting up this site. The help and the effort you put in is greatly appreciated.

  58. Nandie says:

    If I need to chane my surname on my drivers licence, how much of a hassle is that going to be?

    • Gillian Brabrant says:

      Hi Nandie, this is exactly what i need to do as well because i have just got re-married, can anybody please help us? Helppppppp. Thanks, Gillian.

    • Shené says:

      Hi Nandie, I do not know if you have already gone or not. If you got married and you need to get a new drivers licence with your new surname on it, you will have to go and renew your license (like you would if it has expired). I had to do that as I got married as well and needed a new license, the exercise is the same, you need to go to a driving licence testing centre (DLTC) with all the necessary documents, as well remember your old one and then you will have fill in everything and pay. You will have to wait to go and pick it up. I hope this helps.

  59. Driving Licence Renewal Online http://drivinglicencerenewal.com/ ‪#‎DrivingLicenceRenewal‬

  60. Cecilia says:

    Thanks for all the information from various people and sites.
    Just been to Krugersdorp to renew Drivers Licence and get Temporary Licence as mine had expired in April 2016.
    Took one hour for the whole process – 40 minutes in total for the queue and for eye test, finger prints and photo.
    21 minutes at the cashier to pay for the renewal and temp. Cost – R228 for Drivers Renewal and R72 for Temp Licence.

    Needed – ID book, one black and white ID photo, current drivers licence, fill in DL1 form. Two photos needed if Temp Licence needed.
    They take a photo copy of your ID book at the cashier. I had my own photocopy which I gave them. I downloaded the form DL1 from the enatis website as advised by another comment, or you can fill in the form when you get there. If you need a Temp Licence you
    get this at the cashier, and the second photo is needed for this.

    Experience – last time I went to Florida. This was a way better experience. Secure parking. No people hassling you or descending upon you. Front desk – friendly and helpful. Waiting area – bench to sit on with a security assisting the movement. Queque moves fairly quickly, radio music playing. Friendly person behind the eye test area – all is done here, fingerprints and digital photo as well.
    She said today was a quiet day, it is usually a lot busier.
    If you dread these experiences that need to be done – recommend Krugersdorp.

  61. Wilma Koeppen says:

    Hi… Just came back from renewing my drivers Licence in Green Point Cape Town. You need old drivers licence card, 2 black and white photo’s, copy ( do not have to be certified) of ID. ID book. Utility Bill ( a Telephone account etc. not older than 3 months). They give you the form to fill in. You fill in form, go for eye test and fingerprints ( done at same table) and move to line for payment. Payment was R140.00. Had my photo taken at Camerland on Long Street. R45.00 for 4 black and white photo’s. Have to wait 4-6 weeks. They gave me a number that i can contact after 4 weeks to find out if I can go and fetch it. I was early in line and had everything done by 8.45. Office opened at 8.00.

  62. Shané says:

    Randburg traffic department: (17/07/2016)
    ID plus a photocopy
    Proof of residence
    R300 in cash for renewal & temp
    2 ID photos
    A PEN

    You don’t need to pay all your fines.
    There was an error with my initials on my first licence & the cashier changed it quickly at the end no problem.
    It took an hour.

    • Manisha says:

      Shane, what time did you go to the Randburg traffic department? It is now the 10 August 2016, have you received your new drivers licence (just asking because mine expires on the 1 September 2016 and need to know if I need to get a temporary licence). Thank you Regards Manisha

  63. kaanita kader says:

    thanx for all the advise.i’m due for a renewel.

  64. Shafeeqah says:

    Is it true that we no longer require photos as there is a live capture system ?

  65. LVofCT says:

    Hey Man, Thanks for this article

  66. W says:

    So I will be renewing my drivers license tomorrow morning 16/08/2016. The question now is where to go? Rayton or Centurion?
    Please may I have some advice, I will be leaving very early.
    Thank you

  67. Andrea says:

    I went to Marlboro Gardens “in Sandton” (don’t think Sandton City area … it’s quite far away) to have my driver’s license renewed. I arrived there at 10:30 with my application form already printed off at home and filled out and with the certificate for the eye test I had done at an optometrist earlier. Both exercises were bit of a waste unfortunately, as the queue you have to wait in to hand in your application is the same queue for the eye tests – so there was no skipping the eye test line and the line was so long, I might just as well have collected a form there and filled it out whilst I waited. At one point there was only one lady serving a queue of about 45+ people … her colleague had said he’s hungry and disappeared for an hour at 10:45. After a couple of us went to go complain, they finally got more help in.

    2.45 hrs later I was finished though. The licenses apparently take between 3-4 weeks.

    I needed:
    DL1 form (green form you can get there, or print out at home from the ENATIS website)
    1 Black & White ID photo
    R228 to renew my license
    Proof of address
    Copy of my ID

  68. Karen says:

    Thank you soo much for this!

  69. Rosa says:

    All I would like to do is find out if my licence is ready for collection.

    Unfortunately none of the numbers for Randburg work. (011) 9195714/ 34/ 00

    How are we supposed to know when to collect.

    • Signatius says:

      Today, October 12 2016, I tried the numbers 011 919 5700/5714/5734.
      These are the numbers on the notice they gave me to inquire about my license.
      All 3 numbers just ring and ring and ring and ring and ring . . . . . . . . . . and then cut off!
      Joburg Connect told me another number: 011 886 0778 – same thing: no reply!
      Does anyone (really) know how to contact them?

  70. Blanche says:

    I’m currently in the UK and my licence expired in Feb already but I will be back in October and my concern is it expired for longer then 6 months. Will they renew my driving licence?

  71. Gerda Roux says:

    Hallo, my seun bly in Kaapstad. Hy trou Desember 2016 en vertrek Ierland toe einde Januarie.
    Hy benodig n geldige SA bestuurslisensie aan die anderkant wanneer hy daar wil aansoek doen vir n bestuurslisensie om daar te kan bestuur.
    Die probleem is dat sy bestuurslisensie hernu moet word in Maart 2017, maar dan is hy nie meer in SA nie.
    Mag hy byvoorbeeld sy bestuurslisensie al in November of Desember 2016 hernu (want dit neem ongeveer 4 weke voor jy dit ontvang?).
    Ek hoor graag.

  72. Olga Jacob says:

    Does anyone know how far ahead can you renew your drivers license. mine expires in December.I want to go in October.

  73. Gona Govender says:

    Don’t be a fool. We (Joe Public) are being capture by the State. Why must you renew your driver’s licence every 5 years? For what reason? To test your eyes? Go to a professional. An optometrist or an opthamologist. Who are these people that test your eyes at the licensing centres? With their crude dongles sticks? They don’t know a thing about the science of the eyes? The government started this money printing initiative years ago. Heard about Prodiba and Shabir Sheik and Mac Maharaj who was married to Zarina (Sheik’s sister). Mac was the Min. of transport at the time. Zuma had a corrupt relationship with Sheik. They all had their finger in the cookie jar. The NPA failed to prosecute. The trial was aborted. We are like lambs to the slaughter house.

    • Elzanie says:

      My drivers license expired about 3 years ago, I want to obtain a new one now using the tips you provided on this website, thank you, however do you know if a fine will be charged for a licence that expired 3 years ago?

      I need to know if I’ll need to take enough cash with me, if it is too much I’ll have to wait until I “maybe” get a bonus.

      • Ant says:

        I agree with you. It’s all just a money making racket and a farce to create jobs for government officials that are not really doing anything so that they can keep an over burgeoning socialist government in control. Many people that i know and many I have met complain about the same thing. What’s amazing is that nobody will actively speak up about such thieving, in your face rackets in this country to rectify the corrupt administration.

      • Natasha says:

        Hi there

        did you eventually renew your licence?

        mine also expired 2 years ago so i just need to know how much cash to carry

  74. Louis says:

    Great article on the whole process. Can someone please update with the latest information regarding the renewal process? Thanks!

  75. Geets says:

    Went to the Marlboro licensing during my lunch on 19 Jan 2017 – 12:15pm and was done by 13:05pm. Took a copy of ID, Copy of Proof of Residence, 4 black and white photos (although they only used 1), original ID, pen, glasses, cash (although I did see a sign that they accept cards but did not trust the lady at the counter).
    Filled in sections A, B and D (note you can print and fill in the forms from the website but I filled in the ones they had there while I waited in the queue for eye test. note they ran out of forms so I had to wait 3 min for the lady to go and get more.
    Cost in Jan 2017 is R228. Make sure you have exactly R228 as the lady at the counter will short change you and if you ask here where’s the rest, she will tell you that she does not have coins for change. She must be making a nice tip everyday.
    So the process is simple. When you get there you collect your form and go straight to the room to do eye test and fingerprints. you place your copy of ID, proof of residence and one picture in the form you completed and had to the person that is going to test your eyesight. If you have glasses with super large frames you might not see the light flashing on the sides. what you will see is a reflection of the light on the lens 🙂 then you know to tap the handle to that direction.
    After you done with eye test and fingerprints then go straight to payments. Then you’re done. Simple and quick.

    • Rato says:

      All so useful especially the most recent and quite detailed update here Geets – wow thank you so much!
      I am now fully prep’d except am not sure which of the centres is most efficient these days – Malboro/Randburg

  76. Sharon says:

    From which website can I down load the form and what is the form called?

  77. Geets says:

    I waited 7 weeks and received no sms to indicate my licence was ready for collection. So I decided to check at Marlboro during my lunch. Walked straight to the collection queue and handed them the payment confirmation receipt and they handed me my licence. Signed a few docs and was done in under 5min.

  78. Heids says:

    thank you so much for the help, as there isn’t much info on the web about the costs for a drivers lisence.

  79. Rato says:

    wow awesome contributions here especially this update Geet – thank you!
    i wonder whetehr it is Malboro/Randburg that’s most efficient these day…..I dread the queues eish

  80. Johan says:

    My family commutes between SA and Europa regularly, some time up to three months at a time. They will be back in SA during this month in which time they will be doing drivers licence renewals. However at the time of collection they will be back in Europe. How do I collect and what is the procedures for collecting their drivers licence!

  81. RSAJay says:

    A quick FYI regarding proof of address. Your document needs to be something that does not come from the state. Vehicle registration papers which show your residential address for instance, will not work. It will have to be an account statement of some kind, or a rental / tenancy agreement. It’s the same concept as banking. A bank statement can’t be used as proof of address when applying for Wesbank / ABSA / MFC etc. Vehicle financing, but ironically the SABC TV license you just got from HiFi Corp with no verification of your residential address, that’s sharp… and thus we have reached junk status LOL

  82. Gregory says:

    Hi Francois,

    Just want you to know I used your information on a site called Durban Answers, thank you so much for taking the time to write you post.

  83. Rodney says:

    Am in Gauteng and willing to drive to any drivers licence renewal office to minimize waiting in a queue. Has anyone recently had a pleasant surprise by finding a traffic office with short queues?
    Please share.

  84. trisha marrian says:

    good day

    kindly be advised if i didn’t collect my drivers licence in 120 days it will be destroyed. Kindly advise what i need to do ?as i passed the 120 days bracket

  85. Lynette Johnson says:

    Good evening,
    My driver’s licence expired today and armed with everything I needed to supply them with (including an optometrist’s eye test certificate), I arrived at the testing station in Florida, only to be told that I would have to ‘come back tomorrow, as we have reached our maximum quota of people waiting to renew their licences’. I had no option but to leave and try to go when it’s less busy on another day. Can you please advise me about the following:
    1. How long will my almost-expired driver’s licence be valid for?
    2. What are the operating hours at the Florida testing station?
    3. What is the best time to go? Being a pensioner of over 70, I am loathe to travel in the early hours of the morning and put my safety at risk, especially as there were stacks of men goading and harrassing me when I arrived this morning.
    Many thanks,

  86. keith says:

    Hi, quick question, just noticed that they spelt my surname wrong on my driver’s licence card, what should i do, must i go through the same process of renewing the card ?

  87. Odette Coetzee says:

    Quick question: I had the photos for my driver’s licence taken at KODAK. They gave me little colour photos though i’d said it’s for renewal of driver’s licence. So what is the standing rule for the photos:
    black and white OR colour; OR can you use either?
    This is for 2018: i wear glasses when i drive.KODAK told me to remove them for the photos. Is that right?
    OR is the rule NO GLASSES for these photos?

  88. Janine says:

    Does anyone know if I can send someone to collect my drivers license on my behalf, if so what information do they need to take?

  89. Pia says:

    Hi All

    Thanks for the above information, it is very useful. Hopefully one of you can assist me.
    My drivers license has expired and needs to be renewed but I haven’t changed my surname (I got married in November) on my ID card yet. What documentation do I need to change my surname on my license card?
    Also, is it quicker to get your eyes tested before going to the traffic department?

    • Mike says:

      Some municipal officers do not accept optometrist eye reports anymore, like Benoni and now do the test themselves. Best to find out where you are going if they will accept outside test results.

  90. Hannes says:

    I recently went to Bronkhorstspruit to renew my drivers licence. They did both eye test and photos on their cost. They did not except an optometrist eye test report, so don’t waste your time and money. Should you have to take out a temporary licencee, you will have to take 1 x ID photo. There are a few guys outside trying to make you take photos. So, if you don’t need a temp licence, don’t waste your money on them. Also take your print out online application and money to pay for your licence. I paid R300 for both the renewal and a temporary licence.

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