South African Scam or telemarketing numbers that you can to block or add to your phones reject list


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31 Responses

  1. RiD1 says:

    LOL…isnt that call rejection feature on any android?
    I’m on the S2…upgrading to s4 in 7 days time.
    Basically the call isnt really rejected….it just hangs up before you even notice it.
    On my S2 the screen will light up … thats when i know a call has been rejected…
    it doesnt help really…some call centres will call non stop till they reach you. eventually from private numbers to random numbers .

    • Francdore says:

      Well, I didn’t have it on my S2 but I know it’s on the S3.

      I know they will probably keep on calling you from different numbers as well as private numbers which you can’t add to a reject list, but at least you can stop some of the calls.

      It’s irritating.

  2. PLP says:

    087 350 1518 belongs to Private Label Promotion (Pty) Ltd, a callcentre in Randburg who are providers of Value Added Services on behalf of various corporates that contract their contact centre services. They have an outbound call centre team who are supplied customer databases from these clients and will then contact you in order to offer you various products and services. If you have been contacted by this number you are safe to answer the call.

    • Jorn says:

      How exactly is answering PLP’s number “being safe”? You are exactly the type of outfit that we would like to bomb off the face of the earth for annoying spam!

  3. Justin says:

    011 376 4000 Credit Card Fraud Scammers

  4. Dikeledi says:

    +27 21 927 8000
    +27 21 937 6265

    this please have been calling me for the past 4 weeks when I say hi they do not say any thing. When I block there number they use a different number

  5. Hey, As far as I am aware, 011 376 4000 is owned by Standard Bank’s Credit Card Fraud department. Answer if they phone.

  6. Theunis Dekker says:

    Hi guys,be innovative.i save scammers numbers under “ARSHOLLE” on my contact list,also new 2 b sharks.once they call or sms i cut them or delete sms.just a tip though as my nokia is a “hobo” ” Theunis

  7. J adamson says:


    I am keep getting calls from these numbers and its is becoming a nuisance
    + 63 77 420 4780 +263 77 420 4780 +27 74 389 6143 + 1 657 28 9107

    Please advise

  8. Ulanda says:

    To block all the nonsense call, try Truecaller or

  9. Anton says:

    qeep dating site scam please be aware of this 0799456245

  10. Arthur says:

    0651376867 sent an sms calling for interview is it a real thing? They themselves LHSD located at Gandhi square Johannesburg, building 401, 4th floor

  11. pieter says:

    This person Scam people for money on qeep use fake profiles and photos this person number is 0761040568

  12. Paul Simon says:

    this person scam people on qeep this person use fake profile photos to make money her number is 076 104 0568 and the number before this one 079 945 6245 be aware

  13. Johan says:

    2 Scammers that try to scam me today on 3 online ad sites


  14. Johan says:

    I wish somebody would start a website where one can report scammer cellphone numbers and others can do lookups. This is especially useful when dealing with buyers on online classifieds sites that try and scam people

    • Hi Johan,

      It looks like someone did make a website. I’m not sure how up to date it is?

      • Johan says:

        Yes my google search brought me to them before landing on your page but they are more for general widespread scams.
        I would like to see a section on their website for reporting online ads scammers and in return offer a number lookup. Their current categories and search feature seems not enough.

        Thanks for the suggestion though.

        • You should install TrueCaller on your phone. The app shows you if the incoming number is a spam caller and then you can report it there and block it.

          On their website you can also do a lookup of any phone number:

        • I just searched for both numbers you mentioned and they don’t look like they’ve been reported as spam yet. So maybe install the app and report them.

          • Johan says:

            Yeah I usually do a lookup on truecaller and also see if the person is maybe on whatsapp. But these guys change prepaid fake rica’d sims whenever it suits them. But if their number shows up on google they might be forced to do it quicker and might eventually it might make a difference. This guy addressed himself on the sms send to me as the same name coming up on the search in truecaller 😉
            They are getting more sneaky….

          • Johan says:

            Not 100% sure what you mean by ‘report’. I usually go to the shield icon in truecaller which brings up the ‘manage blocking’ screen. Then I click on the ‘+’ and then select ‘block a number’. I understand this will block it on my phone, but will it even make a difference if e.g. 3 people do this, meaning that will the number appear on their search as ‘spam’ after like 3 people block them?

  15. pieter says:

    please be aware this person play male and female to scam people on facebook and qeep and dating sites she tell people she will come to them the person must give petrol money when pay the money in with e wallet or shoprite transfer or airtime when the people pay the money in she or he receive the money they begin to lie and hit and run and change cell numbers , when you call the person they never answer , the cell phone number is , 0727028072 , 0766779989,
    0799456245 the one number still works 0761040568 , the person did scam me for more then a year with 55 000 rand i’m willing to go to court i got all the proof i need

  16. Jayne says:

    +27-014-434-55 called and shows on my Caller ID.
    I did not answer.
    Googled the number and nothing shows any results.

  17. Ryan says:

    You can add +27101092689

  18. Peter says:

    Call from 062 6240661, male with strong Indian/Pakistani type accent pretending claiming to be from Absa bank Fraud dept, and asked if I authorised a payment for travel and accommodation in Nigeria. Then wanted my age and credit card number. When I refused, he cut the call

  19. Peter says:

    20-06-2019 Call on my landline from 062 6240661, male with strong Indian/Pakistani type accent pretending claiming to be from Absa bank Fraud dept, and asked if I authorised a payment for travel and accommodation in Nigeria. Then wanted my age and credit card number. When I refused, he cut the call

  20. Mary Anne Lamb says:

    I would like to also report the following numbers: when you try to phone back you get the message that they are not in service, or you are not able to get through: these people ask for personal details and offer a “free gift” – this is a full on scam
    012 140 2581
    021 001 2659
    021 492 8723
    021 140 5436
    087 330 4003
    087 283 0901
    087 283 0900
    087 283 0899
    087 283 0898
    082 885 7885

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