Review: The 8ta Go Big 10GB Per Month Deal.


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17 Responses

  1. SA says:

    Awesaaaam!! I heard the coverage is also really good! This is the best wireless internet deal for us so far.

    The problem with telecom companies here in SA is they don’t upgrade the infrastructure according to the growth of their user base like other ISPs in the states and the UK.

    Now, with MTN uncapped.. I almost fell for that one like a lot of people already did. I found out that after 3 GB of downloads your speed get throttled to 128 kilobits. You can’t call that internet. My 384kbps frustrates the hell out of me! And I’m not a heavy internet user. I hope they change this “fair usage policy” and implement a “fair tariffs policy” rather


    • Jimmy Ntambi says:

      Hahaaaa! I have been running on ADSL for six years until recently two sells people walked into my office wearing Telekom jackets. They sang all the nice songs about this new Telekom wireless 8ta deal.
      Bought into the idea because we were promised 10GB a month. Two days after receiving this Huwawei moden I got a message (OUT OF BUNDLE)! I phoned a Telekom broadband call centre. One agent told me that it’s because I got it halfway the month. It is on pro-rata! Next month I shall get a full 10 GB! Another one said they will investigate! Yadha,Yadha, Yadha……….!
      I waited for the new month to lapse. I even travelled abroad for five days.

      Come the new month, On the 10th of the month, I got the same message! ” OUT OF BUNDLE ”

      Now my question…… I am running a small business with 12 computers all on ADSL. My ADSL cap is 3 GB. How come all the twelve people do not finish this 3 GB cap on ADSL yet I can’t go for one week on a 10 GB? I am not always in office, I am not downloading heavy staff, this package is in my office I don’t use it at home!

  2. Kyle says:

    Nonsense, 8ta is a bunch of thieves. They are suffering huge losses and in the end they take their profits back by giving crap signal after a few weeks of good signal. And then guess what, your stuck with the contract and in the fine print on 8ta’s terms and conditions it states, “We will en devour to maintain the signal quality where we ascertain there is 3g coverage…..the signal reception can however change from time to time.” So basically in a nutshell, there is actually f-all you or I can do about it when they decide to drop your data speed. So by all means go ahead and spend R1800 for 60 GB but believe you me you will have to spend every second trying to use even a small quota of that 60 gb because your data speed will become very slow.

    • Francdore says:

      Hey. Thanks for your comment Kyle. And believe it or not, I agree with you. The first two or three months my 8ta speed was super fast. And for some reason my 8ta has been disconnecting every 5minutes for the past month. And when it is connected, the speed is so slow that I struggle to open Facebook. I know that the response is going to be poor, but I’m going to call 8ta anyways to find out what the hell is going on. There’s no harm in trying right?

      I’ll also write another post on my blog about the shitty service from 8ta and also post something on Hello Peter.

      Let’s see if I get some result out of 8ta.

  3. Al Troskie says:

    The poor / no Coverage and speed can all be optimised with the right antenna & knowhow plse look at

  4. Damean says:

    I HATE THIS PIECE OF SHIT!i keep losing connection every 5 min and have to restart a hass 100ms for 30-46 seconds in the game then spikes to 999ms and then to NO CONNECTION!this is the biggest load of shit i have paid for.ARRG cant wait for my uncapped adsl so i can tell 8ta to fuck themselves!

    • Francdore says:

      Hi. Phone 8ta support. A technician came out and adjusted something and also made some changes to their tower and I’ve had no problems again. My 8ta 3G is currently faster than a 4MB ADSL line. I just wish they would bring out an uncapped package.

  5. Robert Lewis says:

    Can onyone tell me how good cell C 3G is compared to Vodacom – and Vodacom compered with MTN??


  6. Katie says:

    Hi All,
    I am thinking of committing to the 8ta 10Gig contract, am I making a mistake?

  7. Pekay says:

    Have been using 8ta,10Gig with HUAWEI mobile broadband E367 HSPA + USB Rotator Dongle for 15 months now and I am over the moon with it. Grrreat speed and stay connected from 07:00 to 16:00 Mon to Fri & then connect at home every night and weekend with NO PROBLEM AT ALL !! As long as you verify your signal strength BEFORE you go ahead + buy a GOOD dongle ( + – R 800.00), the high spec, high speed version, there should be no issues). I have had exactly ZERO ! issues in 15 months. In fact about to buy another contract exclusively for home use. Sure you are not going to get signal out of main areas but that applies to many so if you spend most of your time in high signal areas it’s absolutely GREAT! Had iburst before, enough said. So do your homework before you buy. Remote location + cheap dongle/modem = bad decision !!

  8. Tracy says:

    Hi All, Please help, i am situated in Port Elizabeth on a small holding on what many would consider far out (for the real townies) when in actual fact about 15 – 17KM from our city hub Newton park. i did do my homework before signing the contract, we have 3G coverage according to 8ta where i am, i also went for a pricey high speed 21mbps WIFI router the Huawei B683. and speed at night is ridiculous. i’m using google chrome, and my router is set to DHCP. only my home PC and my phone connect to the router. i am a facebook junkie and enjoy their games but trying to load any of them is a complete waste of time. even as i sit typing this query i’m watching the little circle go round and round in the address bar, still trying to load god knows what, during the day connection seems fine, but for the first 2 months only 3 months into contract speed was good, in fact great! why now all of a sudden? Francdore i’m interested to know where you are situated and did 8ta charge you anything for coming out to have a look, i do not have an antenna for my router. thanks for any help you can provide!

  9. Dawid says:

    I got the 8ta 10+10gb deal. It also worked fine, but then droped signal like crazy and also disconnected often. Then I moved to the middel of no-where, so far from anything that vodacom is bearly getting signal, and BOOM my 8ta is blooming, 2mbs+ connection all the time. So I really can’t say, had my ups and downs with them. Compaired to south africas “leading cellular network”, 8ta’s value for money makes up for their jumpy service. So after all I’ve been through and the time spent on the phone with their semi-skilled call centre staff I will still rate them a 8/10. 🙂

  10. Sheldene says:

    Shoe, my 8ta worked like lightening speed for almost 10 months now I’m told its poor because I don’t have coverage ??? I mean really????? After I was told at the time I took the contract out that coverage was good and now I have no coverage??? Come on Telkom stop stealing our money and give us better service

  11. Sanet says:

    how do i know how many gigs do i have left for the month on a 10 GB + 10GB.

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