MotoMia Scooter review: The Java 170cc scooter from MotoMia Rosebank


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79 Responses

  1. Fatima says:

    Hi there – what distance do you commute daily?

    • Francdore says:

      Hi. I do about 30 – 40km per day. The scooter is awesome. The only crap is that I put so many KM’s on it every day that it has to go for a service almost every two months.

      But buying the scooter was totally worth it. I never have any traffic. And it’s cheap on petrol. R65 to fill up when I use Unleaded 95.

  2. john says:

    Sadly i read this review laughing,. I had the total opposite with motomia. Staff are nice (not that hard really) 3 mts with the bike and had to push it off the road and towed about 8 times! it became a standing joke in my family. Everytime it came back from service…screws missing, panels not placed back on right and was told it was the way i drove the bike. weird since no other make of bike i owned had the same problems.

    • Francdore says:

      Hey John. What branch did you take yours to? And what model was it? I haven’t had any problems yet accept for the screw that holds the exhaust keeps falling out.

      • RiD1 says:

        I Ignored that screw when mine fell out. a week later, the exhaust fell off while driving cos the neck where it goes in by the engine couldnt handle it anymore and gave in.

    • Sthombo says:

      I also had a problem of screws missing and a lot of rattling noise after I took the bike for its first service at Hillfox.

  3. RiD1 says:

    Thanks for these servicing instructions…its how i ended up here.
    Do you know what the exact purpose is of taking the bike to MOTOMIA for a service? Does it keep your warranty or something?
    Had no probs with mine myself…going for my first 2500km service on Monday and a repair as it started giving a jerky pulloff last night. I drive 40 – 50 KMS a day too..
    Would like to start servicing it myself and save the pennies.
    I also used to think the website was wrong with that R70 fillup story…but actually i think its the Petrol Gauge thats misleading as it shows empty when its not really empty…ive already paid R70 exactly in last week on one fillup as I drove and forgot to watch the gauge but made it on time to the garage.
    I bought mine in Cape Town at the Claremont Branch. Had it delivered as i didnt know how to drive it. It stood for a month till i got my learners.
    My only issue is that when i got it i had no idea how on earth to start it…i fortunately had a colleague who drove one before and he told me how.
    I think they should give a manual with it too, just for MADE IN CHINAs sake…lol

    • Francdore says:

      Hey. My pleasure.

      The only reason I would take my bike to MotoMia for a service is to keep the warranty. One day I want to keep a 1Litre coke bottle of petrol under my seat and then drive the tank until it’s empty so that I can see how far it will go.

      As far as I’m concerned, none of the gauges are correct on my scooter. The rev counter needle isn’t even on zero when the bike is off, the speedometer shows the scooter drives much faster than it actually does and the fuel gauge needle jumps around. The fuel needle will be on half for example when I get home. Then then next morning the needle would have dropped a whole “stripe”. Like petrol was leaking out or something.

      Anyways. At least it’s getting me to work everyday and I haven’t had any problems yet…

      • RiD1 says:

        Had my Motomia java serviced on monday, the jerking was caused by the ROLLERS. They say these wear out due to excessive acceleration, like freeway driving…so i guess i’ll have to be replacing that often…any idea how to replace it? I see there are some youtube vids on that..the replacement was cheap at R120…They also replaced the Drive Train , whatever that is?, i think its like a fan belt and that was R249… and then the service was R499 :-0 was expecting it to be R399 but they told me only the first RUN-IN service is R399 the rest are R499… I really need to find a local scooter mechanic cos R499 isnt peanuts with my 50km per day trips. I was thinking i’ll service it myself and just take it to MOTOMIA for repairs…but then they might purposefully break something saying that it broke due to being serviced wrongly…thats why i just need a mechanic that can do other work and i’ll do the services…do you know of any scooter mechanics in the Southern Suburbs?

        My needles all go down to 0 when turned off…but the petrol does do its surprise movemments…from full right down to half after being turned off…but i DO know that i can only get 2 and a half days of work/home travel on one tank.

        • Francdore says:

          Eish I’m not sure how to replace the rollers. I don’t really know of any scooter mechanics but I suppose you can take it to any bike shop? Just research the particular place you’re looking at taking your scooter to see if their service is shit or not.

          I drive my scooter full out on the freeway and that probably drains most of my petrol. So what I’m going to do now is just leave earlier in the morning for work and then just drive slower. The petrol lasts much longer (obviously) if you just drive slower.

          • RiD1 says:

            Thats interesting, i’m sure my rollers must have been damaged by myself then…On the day i got the bike, my mom drove it into the gate, neither of us knew how to drive it then. and plus about two weeks ago i fell off the bike in the rain and the bike was laying on its side in the road.

            i always drive full speed too. So maybe the fall must have caused the rollers to damage and eventually start giving in.

            My bike is idling way lighter now that they replaced rollers. maybe it’ll be lighter on petrol too.

            About the roadblock, i always drive inside yellow line on freeway or wide open roads. But I avoid freeway, dont like the winds. I think that cop just saw a money bag opportunity.

    • Tlou says:

      Hi, I want to book for learners, don’t you have any meterial I can use to prepare for the test?

  4. RiD1 says:

    Have you ever been in a roadblock on the scooter? should you wait in line or can you skip to the front of the roadblock?

    • Francdore says:

      No not yet. I was pulled over once for driving in the yellow lane and got a fine for that. That was just bad luck because there’s this part on the N12 where it stands still in the afternoons. So then I just slip into the yellow line and go past all the cars at a very slow speed of course. I’ve been doing it for 4 months and then this one day a metro police dude saw me doing it. I should have just slipped past him…I could have. He wouldn’t have been able to catch me because his car was on the other side of the highway. So by the time he got to his car, I would have been long gone.

  5. Bernard says:

    Hi, mine broke down yesterday with 1330km on the clock. They sent a mechanic on a scooter to come help me but he was unable to help as it seems to be an engine problem. I was quite annoyed that they were unable to come pick up the bike and I had to push it back all the way to work during peak traffic. They asked me to deliver it to the shop for repairs but this will be difficult as it does not move. I am looking forward to see how they handle the repair on Monday.

    • Bernard says:

      So, they picked up the bike yesterday and it was fixed by today. Alls well, good service and the bike runs better than when it was new!

  6. Leon Ecroignard says:

    helloo there all i can say is eish I upgraded from the milano to the java as the milano seized at 2800 km and low and behold, The java is on 2800 kms,gasket between block and exhaust stuffed.left brake chowed the pad and shook the front caliper to a new dimension .No feedback from the dealer where it has been standing for five days I have to phone them every day and now they tell me the brakes aren’t under warranty
    pads at 2800 kms I DONT THINK SO Here is the sad reality peeps.If you are commuting more than 80 km’s a day ..stay away from the cheaper chinese scoots they are great to ride but they are made of cheap low quality materials I learned the lesson the hard way ,After the milano which by the way also just lost a mirror one morning on a turn and the java thats in the shop with a cranky future I should have taken the 10k from the milano and the 11 k from the java and bought a Japanese or italian scoot.ITS sad but true chinese scoots are crap

    • RiD1 says:

      I’ve decided to stop having mine serviced by Motomia just to keep the warranty…I found a bike shop less than a kilometre from my house…going to use them to service and repair my java from now on, plus i’ll be saving R200 on services… another 1200km’s till my 5000km mark. My java is cutting off when i come to a standstill at a traffic light… have to rev it high once to keep it going…been like that since i got it from 2500km service, i think its cos they set my idling lower…im not complaining though, i seem to get more mileage out of it…i drive 3 days to work now instead of 2 and a half days on one full tank.

  7. Gareth Pike says:

    I have had a VUKA SCUTA 125cc for four-five years, its been great. Now thinking of getting the TERRA STRADA 250cc from Moto Mia CT central. Any opinions? Zero reviews on it anywhere, unless there’s a foreign equivalent of the same model.

  8. hein kleyn says:

    hi like gareth pike i also am interested in the terra strada 250,i live in paarl so need to go to CT to view it,is there any body that can help me to decide if this is a good bike or not……can not find ant review on this bike anywhere …….

  9. RiD1 says:

    JAVA 170CC
    Got stuck Friday night, some BELT broke…walked a few kms in stormy rains to the nearest police station and left bike there overnight. Collected on Saturday morning and had it privately towed to motomia Claremont got it back in an hour with the belt and rollers replaced (second time already and i’m only at 4300kms now) …bike wasnt idling great on saturday and sunday, it sounded like a VW beetle more than a scooter…Called them on monday to book a repair slot…got stuck on tuesday taking the bike to them…refused to start, and the kickstarter refused to move too… got motomia to tow it in for R199 yesterday…today i’m awaiting the outcome…

    • Francdore says:

      Hey, sweet lord but you’ve a lot of trouble with your bike. My belt also snapped two weeks ago. I tried replacing it myself but I need two special tools to get the pulley off.

      But it sucks that you have to replace the belt so often.

      I’m really considering selling my Motomia Java scooter just to get a bike with a chain.

      • RiD1 says:

        Apaprently the reason for my belt breaking often is due to me SNAPPING..,”Sudden Fast Pullaways” … I need to look at upgrading to a chain bike too…but i dont really want to as i know that i will be offering myself more speed. the 170cc is perfect. Also the look is better than most other scooters and bikes. I could have gotten the PACINO for less than the JAVA but did not like its looks. the PACINO is a 200cc Chain bike. i think.

        So my problem now is that the PISTON broke…due to TOO much oil…
        Last week when the bike wasnt pulling away right (belt about to break and rollers giving in) , i checked the oil for the first time and saw nothing on the small dipstick…so i poured some in , not knowing i overfilled it… Motomia did tell me on saturday that there is too much oil in and that there should only be 900ml in…they said they can drain the excess off for me, or i can do it myself, but they just wanted to show me first that i had too much oil thats why they didnt do it. So i said its fine i will do it. The guy said the performance will be worse with too much oil cos its like having something on your chest.
        So due to excessive oil the pistons had to pump, a piston gave in….

        so now im getting it back on tuesday….
        not too bad…considering the R1400 includes R199 for fetching bike at my house, the R500 for the service, the other R700 is for the back brakes replacement and the piston and the labour….

        Lesson Learnt: Rather not do anything yourself….take it to them…lol

        you say 800ml oil in your “how to service ” guide…Motomia told me 900ml? which one is right?

  10. kg says:

    Hey i jst bought motomia nd I dnt know how 2 drive it nd its an automatic, cause every time I start it nd wash but I cnt shift its stucked 1 place can somebody pls help with some information. PLEASE

  11. simon says:

    i have a 150 capri. very happy with it but may need to start work in the city. is the 170 that much better? ang what revs are you hitting at top speed? for the record had my scooter since feb with 3500 km on clock and never a single issue, nothing. great littke scoots motomia make

    • RiD1 says:

      I have a Java 170cc. Ive had issues with it as you can see from my posts..but i’d say its all from the way i drive, i did not know that you shouldnt pull away suddenly…as a result i’ve already gone through two belts and two roller replacements and a broken piston and ring set, and i’ll only be reaching my 5000KM mark sometime this month since i’ve gotten it in March this year.
      The 170cc is awesome, I love overtaking all the other scooters on the road and some vukas… 😛
      If you drive against the wind, you can look forward to speeds of 90 – 95km/h , but if you drive with the wind you can look forward to 110km/h (speeds according to the speed gauge, which i think is showing speeds faster than they are)
      The winds on the freeway tend to be stronger, so i normally drive the local roads.
      I’ve learnt to pull away slower and once the wheel takes only then do i speed up.
      Hoping this will give me a longer belt and roller life….
      Theres a motomia page on facekoob called Motomia United…helpful motomia people on there too.

      • JMO says:

        I sold my Kymco 110 cc two stroke with 48,897 km on the clock and only changed the belt ones. All my children used said scooter and we used it as a delivery bike for the pharmacy. I then decided to buy a Yamaha 100 BWS. The BWS was so slow that i could not handle it. Don’t like hills go only 50 km/h then and top end was only 80 km/h. Sold it after 6 months and decided to go for a 250 cc rather but looked around for a month and nearly bought a 170 Java but luckily i decided to stay with Kymco. Get yourself a Kymco 125 super 8 and all your problems is gone and no other scooter under 200 cc will catch you wind or no wind. I get 130km/h on the N2 and we have more hills then you guys here at KZN South Coast believe me. Mine has 7,700 km on the clock now with no problems at all. It is important to change the oil on time (not more than 3,000 km) because that can cause serious damage. The oil also cools your slip clutch. Overfill will normally blow you head gasket on a good scooter but like you heard on some the piston.

        • craig says:

          How odd. A Yammie BWS is a 2-stroke so you should have got plenty of oomph. It should eat any 4-stroke and a few Kompressors on pull-away. 🙂 Did you ever get it checked out?

  12. Thato says:

    That’s great info right there. I was at MotoMia Rosebank this morning and received top service from Johan. I will be getting my 170cc sport by the end of this month. Looking forward to it.

  13. alfred majiet says:

    After reading comments about the service and how easy it really is,I decided to give it a try,much to my amazement,it was rather simple and I will be saving myself quite a bit of money by doing the service on my 170 myself,highly recommended,gives u an oppertunity to understand your bike,and save money at the same time,just one thing to remember when undoing the oil plug,be careful as the plug is very fragile and u might break it as I did,lesson well learned

    • RiD1 says:

      How much oil did you use?
      did you have to google how to put the oil plug back…

      I’m scared to do any future oil changes, the first and last time i did it, my piston broke :-O
      well maybe thats cos i overfilled it and the piston had to do extra work through all that oil.

      I overfilled it cos the bike was jerking and it showed nothing on the dipstick.

      Meanwhile it was the rollers and the drive train/belt whatever.

  14. RiD1 says:


    just had a clutch failure last week, bike had to be over-revved to get it moving from a full stop, even then it barely move but once it moved it picked up speed normally. Even had to give it a push with my feet sometimes.

    Anyways its back in the 100s now after getting a new clutch…I dont know much but i thought being an automatic it wouldnt have a clutch.

    Really need to look at something chain driven,… i’ve had my rollers replaced again? everytime its just the rollers… Rollers are cheap on ebay, i need to learn to do this myself.

  15. Bernard says:

    These people are clueless. Not often have I seen such unprofessionalism. My Jave 170 developed a problem with the oil pump. I was told that this would not be a problem, the would do a warrenty claim. Two weeks later I contacted the branch only to be told that they had forgotten about it. Dont worry, bring the bike in and we will fix it, we will even give you a loan bike! This sounded promissing, untill I received the loaner. This poor bike’s suspension was so old that it barely handled my weight. It was unroadworthy and definately dangerous on the road. At least they replaced it with a newer bike. It took them 2 weeks to get my bike back to me. It was fixed but they did not have a bakkie to bring it. After finally receiving my bike and putting less than 500km on after the warrenty claim, the bike started leaking oil. By this time I started thinking that maybe I will be given priority service because of my past problems but no. It took them 3 days before they picked up the bike. Today I tried phoning Jarrod at the Hillfox branch. He was busy on the phone so I left a message that he must phone me back. After an hour and a half I tried phoning again but nobody picked up. I phoned Henk at the Kempton Park branch as this is where they “fix” the bikes. He sounded very surprised to hear from me and asked me “Do you want the bike back?” Silly me, I was foolish enough to think that after I paid more than R12000 for something that I would actually want to use it! They are pathetic and I would not encourage anybody to buy one of their products.

  16. RiD1 says:

    Sorry to keep bumping this up….

    Been a regular visitor at motomia this past week,…
    Bike started acting weird again after a few days… slow pull off and slow driving,, refusing to go over 60. It spent 4 days at motomia and came back with a replaced DIAPHRAM…mine was torn.

    Drove perfect for one day, the next day it took me fine to work again and then on my way home it refused once again to go over 60 and extremely slow pull aways. Drove straight to motomia and they had a look see… but as normal, problems disappear when they need to exist… anyways motomia took the clutch off and cleaned it and now i can really feel the bike is back to its good old self. Fortunately i wasnt charged this time.

    The guy at motomia said the clutch was most probably dirty , and therefore was slipping. He even took a spare clutch and explained to me. So this got me thinking i needed to find out how to do these things myselfs…he suggested i look up “GY6” , he said all scooters regardless of brand/make use GY6 engines. Found an excellent Manual, one which should have at least come with the java that explains all the basics. i never knew that its possible to lock the JAVA’s steering like you would lock the steering in a car.

    PDF can be found at:‎

  17. Bernard says:

    If you have a problem in the Johannesburg area phone the area manager, Henk at 011 026 1457. He does try to sort things out.

  18. Andrew says:

    Hi Guys

    I am looking at buying my first scooter. I was looking at getting one form Moto Mia but after I have read, I am not sure if it worth the trouble. Would you still advise that I get one?… or rather, what would you recommend?

    • Francdore says:


      I’m going to be honest with you and say no. Don’t get a MotoMia scooter. Mine is broken at the moment. The drive belt broke for the second time now. And the scooter can’t handle our South African roads. It’s falling apart. Every time I hit a dip or bump or something in the road, something breaks or the fairing breaks.

      Rather go for Big Boy. Or EVEN better. Buy a bike with a chain. Don’t go for a scooter. It’s not made for driving everyday.

    • JMO says:

      Get yourself a Kymco 125 super 8 and all your problems is gone and no other scooter under 200 cc will catchyou wind or no wind. Mine has 7,700 km on the clock. My previous one had 48,897 when i sold it with no problems at all.

  19. Anthoney says:

    Hi there guys.

    I am very interested in buy Terra-Strada TS250cc anyone have any review on tthis bike? Also any feedback on MotoMia in general, not sure about brand….

    • Francdore says:

      Hey. If you do buy a bike from MotoMia. Rather go for something with a chain. My scooters belt has broken twice now.

      • rid1 says:

        Mine broke twice too. 7500k service due in the next two weeks or so . Its been smooth sailing. Just have a startingproblem now. Its not starting off battery…engine turns but wont take. Battery is 3 months old. If I charge it and put it in bike it does same thing. Will only start with kickstarter. Gonba try old battery tommorow and see what it does….

  20. TC says:

    Hi there, I’ve been searching around and I haven’t come across anysite that would have a ‘guide repair manual’ I’m fairly new to riding. I haven’t bought a scooter but rather the motomia pachino. From what I’ve read I may have made a wise choice. What gets me is that, what happens when my service period is done? Sure I could take it back to motomia but I really would like to know and understand my bike and how to repair or replace part. Googled it, youtube’d it. Nothing, nada. Where’s the wise cracks that normally dissmantel their bikes/scooters for the general public guide/repair manual. Do’s and don’t do’s. I don’t even know what I’d do if I ever got a flat tyre. Is there some glue I could use? I remember with my mountain bike I could use that green slim but it eats the inside of one’s tyre… So, anyone crack the manual for a repair guide… Yes????

    • rid1 says:

      Repair manual…youd have to search for one one based on the engine on your bike. Like all scooters regardless of brand will use the GY6 brand engine. Im not sure about the bikes.
      Slime can be used in motorbikes. I have half a bottle on the shelf waiting to be used…the label says so. Didnt know it can eat the tube. Probably why its not recommended for use on a car.
      Ive decided I will rather still let motomia service my bike. They do other checks and know what to look out for. My java is back to its good old self. Doing 110 against the wind these days. My 7500k service is early december.

      I suggest

      • TC says:

        Wow you’re able to get up to 110 against the winds? Don’t know about you but the cape has strong winds and my bike fights to get up to a 100. I have hear that it’s possible to change the pistion in the engine. I’m not sure, but a guy told about it. Said his got a 150cc and plan to swop the piston with a 200cc. Don’t know if it’s possible but I’m still looking into that, would be great to get my little bike-kie upto a 400cc or something. Also, a few riders has told me by putting things in your tire the balance of the bike gets thrown out. Have no clue what they mean by this, had something to do with the slime… The worst part about my bike is I have no fuel gauge. Have to guess how far I’m able to ride. Don’t even think my bike as hazards or I don’t know how to put them on. Happy to hear your scooter is back on the ride. Read about the troubles you’ve had

  21. rid1` says:

    Does your bike not come with a fuel gauge, or is it broken?

    Im sure theres more than just putting a piston in, i think the engine needs to be engineered to have a bigger hole for a bigger piston, and then the bike’s design needs to be able to support that speed.

    I too dont know if i have hazards, i’ve queried on the unofficial motomia page and nobody has replied or knows about hazards…I think i should query this on the official motomia page.

    LOL the winds i ride against are residential winds, i avoid the freeway, thats heavy winds there.

    I do have another problem though but its not major im pretty sure.

    My bike doesnt start anymore, if i turn the key the engine turns but it wont take and after three tries the battery sounds dead. if i start it using the kickstarter then it starts perfectly.

    I youtubed it and found a video on testing the charging system, battery, etc…and i’ve figured my battery is fine. Its down to the regulator, or stator…

    i get 12.85V on the battery on its own
    i get 12.70V on turning ignition on
    I get 10.5V on trying to start it.
    I get 14V+ on idling.

    According to the video the battery is fine and the charging system is great. If i got under 9v on trying to start it then the battery or a cell is finished.

    I’ve got 7000K now, will have motomia sort it out at my 7500k service.

    On the official motomia facebook page, they’ve got a pic of an ex-7de laan actor…”Jan-Hendrik” , he has a java 170cc and drives it up and down on the n1 in cape town between bellville and century city.

    LOL i always get carried away in my comments here.

  22. Bernard Grobler says:

    Someone told me to look into a kevlar cvt belt and racing rollers for the java. I am giving this a try and will let you know the results. Apparently the java belt is notoriosly weak. At least I got 7500km out of mine. If anybody else knows anything about these parts, please reply.

  23. RiD1 says:

    DO NOT EVER BUY A MOTOMIA, or any of these cheap brands that just pop up everywhere. big boy, jonway, etc

    These bikes and scooters can be referred to as DISPOSABLE products.

    My JAVA 170cc was perfect in the beginning, but after the 5000Km mark comes the trouble.

    My java is 1 year old and a few hundred kilometers under the 10 000Km mark. Its ready to be scrapped. The engine is knocking. and besides that , you fix one issue another one pops up the next day. For the past few weeks I found myself daily at the bike mechanics. I was gonna buy another cheapie to cover myself for the next few months, but the thought of going through all the problems again was not worth it. I’ve been battling oil leaks, starting issues, idling issues, spark plug jumping out and leaving me stranded issues, break disk crack issues, exhaust falling off issues, lights flickering issues, strangely though i’ve never had belt issues. Motomia would replace it often but since i stopped using motomia it was never replaced and is still fine.
    So now im selling my java for ridiculously cheap cos i need the space. Its got a new battery, new variator, new belt, new rollers, new brake pads all within the last two months. I decided to not spend anymore on it, fixing that engine knock will last a few days till something goes wrong again.

    The exhaust is starting to rot, it actually fell off totally one day while i was driving, so i had to stop at a roadside exhaust welder who said that is a common problem with scooters, the xhaust always breaks by the part just where it enters the engine. he strengthened it for me but forgot to fully tighten my nuts so it made a noise again and i discovered missing nuts, i boughtt steel locknuts and tightened them to tight and broke the screw in the engine itself.

    Recently i was battling oil leaks and it was eventually found.

    Bike was perfectly silent for two days till…

    Yesterday was the last i drove my java, it sounds like a “tractor struggling to go uphill” – extremely loud.

    So now i dug deep in my pocket and bought a HONDA pcx150 scooter today. it costs 3 times more than the java…but its a HONDA and will last forever. i read a comment on a review of the pcx150 on ( that it may be a 150cc but its definitely faster than a big boy 200cc.

    So i guess my days of posting here are over. I will respond where necessary and de-recommend motomia now that im in the know. These cheapies are alright as a starting point so that you can learn and fall on them but they are not designed for life.

    These people that post pics on fb so proudly 5 years and going strong probably dont use their bikes as a daily commute.

    I will miss the java though, it’s shape was perfect and grabbed lots of attention, pity the insides wasn’t designed as well as the outsides.

    Yamaha TMAX is a beast of a scooter if you can afford its price, but then again its a 530cc!

    • RiD1 says:

      Its a mission to sell my JAVA for R3500. People bring me down to R2500 and then they dont even pitch up. Been on gumtree for the last few days now.

  24. RiD1 says:

    Lol at your article update dated – 20/03/2014


    If i can recommend a scooter, really, its the honda PCX150…its a bit pricey but silent as hell when idling, liquid cooled, fuel injection, its only 153cc but it can easily overtake the JAVA 170cc its packed with power. I just miss my java’s seat.

  25. Matt says:

    You say that your Java 170cc takes 800ml of oil…I changed the oil in mine today and when I put the new oil in with a funnel after the old oil had drained it just wouldn’t go in! I could get about 150ml in max. Assumed there was an air bubble so poked around in the oil trying to get the air to escape but no luck. I then closed the plastic cap and started the engine to see if that would help. When I opened the cap again after running the engine for about a minute all the oil I’d just put bubbled out. I am wary of overfilling…the only other thing I can think of is to use a syringe with a long pipe to get the oil deeper into the oil capsule. How did you get 800ml into your scooter? Also, did you use 20w50 oil?

    • Francois says:

      Hi Matt,

      Actually I think it’s 750ml. Johan at the MotoMia Rosebank branch told me 800ml but I also couldn’t get that in.

      But I managed to get 750ml in. You can try to pour some engine flush in there but keep the oil draining hole below the engine open so that it runs through the engine. Then try to pour in the new oil.

      Let me know if you need more help.

  26. Tc says:

    Hi there, it’s the guy with the pachino again. Seriously glad I never bought a scooter. So, my bike’s over the 15000km mark and it’s still going very well. I’ve stopped taking it to motomia cause they charging +R550 for a service. Found a guy close by that does it for R350. The problems I’ve had has mainly been with my lights. How they don’t ground wires properly is beyond me, ended up opening all my light covers and just gluing them in place. also since I was a very ‘dom’ driver in the beginning. I had no clue how to tighten my chain, which caused me some problems that shouldn’t have even existed. A chain with too much sag will cause sprocket damage, lucky I had this sorted before hand, but did end up damaging the chain guard. Due to the chain keep coming off while riding. Other than that, I haven’t had problems and I pray that I’m not jinxing myself now. Still no luck finding that repair manual… Can’t believe nothing’s on the net about it

  27. kaan says:

    dont ever go motomia belville brandh they forgot to put oil and mike bike finished all ı can say nothing

    • AndreeJ says:

      My Java 170cc sport has 14500km on and I haven’t had nearly as many problems as you all seem to have had. I’ve had my fair share of belt breaks etc but Raymond at CT Central told me it’s coz they used the same belts as the 150cc and this oil cooled engine develops about 20% more torque than the 150. Pull away slower and don’t ride flat out if you don’t have to and it’ll be good to you. Bear in mind that it’s FongKong and you’ll be fine. I had a tool made so I can change the clutch etc myself and I’m looking at changing the exhaust shortly. I ride it about 30lm every day on main roads

  28. Andrew says:

    My Java 170cc sport has 14500km on. Not nearly as many problems as you all seem to have.. Gotta treat it with respect, and bear in mind that it’s FongKong… I’ve had my fair share of belt breaks etc but Raymond at CT Central told me it’s coz they used the same belts as the 150cc and this oil cooled engine developes about 20% more torque than the 150. Pull away slower and don’t ride flat out if you don’t have to and it’ll be good to you.

  29. carin says:

    Hi there, I have a 170cc, it starts and idle but it doesn’t want to drive…or pull away, what can be the problem?

  30. PBB says:

    I have the Motomia Java 170 sport. I bought it 2nd hand from a friend that I know took reasonably good care of it. I bought it on 4500kms and it’s now on 5300
    On reading AndreeJ and Andrew’s posts, I feel if it can make 14500kms it’s worth the price I paid.
    I’m planning on doing a service with roller and belt replacement next month. Motomia Rosebank have quoted me ZAR900 for that, which is good considering the service alone is R550.

    It could be lots of things. Based on reports I have read first thing that pops to mind is the belt is worn. How many kms have you done and have you replaced belt? Probably best to have a pro check it.

  31. PBB says:

    Today is Motomia’s last day in South-Africa. Apparently the service centre in CT will stay open for a bit it’s tickets for them. Just confirmed with the branches in CT and in Rosebank. I hope we wont struggle to find spares.

  32. Tommy says:

    Big Boy scooters are all GY6, so I’m sure you will be able to get spares from them.

  33. fred says:

    I have a Gomoto xact 200 Chinese scrambler with 16600km on the clock since 2012 and only replaced the battery rear tyre and a new chain.very good bike,took it on various long distance gravel road trips with friends on their Klr 650s and keep up with them on the gravel but obviously not on the tar road.Never missed a beat.Service myself every 2000km and set valves every 4000km

  34. SEMIE says:


  35. Frans says:

    what is the prise for a brand new motomia 170 sport scooter?

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