Johannesburg Mystery Ghost Bus Tour


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3 Responses

  1. Amrand says:

    Im sorry but this tour was horrible as i will explain in points.
    1. You spend most the time on a bus listening to paranormal music stolen from a 60’s dracula movie.
    2. You never actualy go into any haunted places you stand outside
    3. When you are at these so called haunted houses, hospital etc. the hostest puts on a crummy little act like she is the ghost and gives you history lessons fit for children in gr2.
    4. When you u get to the so called cemetery there are 4-5 graves in the middle of a park and once again history lesson, then you are given metal rods to find some guy’s gold the same ones used to find water just one problem when me and my girlfriend went on the tour it rained
    5. If u want to go on a ghost bus tour thing do not go to this one you will have more chance of being scared or ever in your whole life see a ghost by sitting in a park at night.

    So in conclusion this tour SUCKED!!! Never ever go on this tour. They are merely stealing your money seeing as it costs R295

    • Francdore says:

      Sorry to hear that dude.

      I however did not have the same experience. Did you go on the Johannesburg or Pretoria one? We went into a couple of haunted houses.

  2. Dear Humology Site Manager
    Re: URGENT – MYSTERY GHOST BUS ‘Change of Ticket Company’.
    Firstly, thanks for publishing us on your site, however can we ask that you change the booking details to right away, as visitors to you site are complaining (they are being directed to Computicket, who we no longer use). People are particularly wanting to book for the up-coming Halloween tours, and Computicket refused to direct them to QUICKET. You kind, and most urgent assistance in this matter is much appreciated. Please let us know if you wish us to send a write-up and photographs for the Halloween tours.
    Could you please make the abovementioned ticket company changes to all your listings, where you may have them for all cities viz: Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town (we no longer operate in Durban and Port Elizabeth)
    All the very best. Mark
    Mark Rose-Christie
    Owner/Creator of ‘The Mystery Ghost Bus Tours of South Africa cc’ CK97 32478/23
    Cellular 079 – 193 7536

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