How to install Kodi with Genesis to watch thousands of movies and series on your computer


Hi. I'm currently 33 years old and I'm a full time web developer. I love my wife and... my two cats! The main goal of this blog is to help other South Africans with product reviews, how to articles and updated science and tech news. There are many things that's not very clearly explained like how to do your tax or how to renew your car license for example. So hopefully this blog can be useful to others.

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  1. Derek says:

    Hi Francois
    I am a rugby fanatic and would like to stream rugby using my Hisense smart TV. I have done it before but generally I struggle-Is there some way I can install kodi on my smart tv? Alternatively are there any streaming specialists in Durban who can assist me?


    • Francois says:

      Hi Derek,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s possible. I also own a Hisense Smart TV and you can’t install any 3rd party apps.

      The best thing I would suggest is to maybe use an old laptop and plug that into your TV or maybe get a Raspberry Pi. You can buy it online and then you can connect that to your TV. It will serve as a small media center.



  2. candace says:

    hi. Im trying to install kodi no limits builds and having no luck. Is it cause Im in south africa

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