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Hi. I'm currently 33 years old and I'm a full time web developer. I love my wife and... my two cats! The main goal of this blog is to help other South Africans with product reviews, how to articles and updated science and tech news. There are many things that's not very clearly explained like how to do your tax or how to renew your car license for example. So hopefully this blog can be useful to others.

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  1. Zanele says:

    My boyfriend has a guitar and 2-3 strings are broken, it’s a Hannes guitar and I’d like to fix it as part of his Christmas present. Are u able to assist and if so what are the next steps.

  2. JW van Rooyen says:

    Good Day
    I have a cort CJX5 accoustic guitar. Unfortunately during storage and moving It has a burst on the back. It is mall but i would like to fix it before it gets to bad and has a effect on the sound.

    Can you please send me a estimate quote on how much it would cost to get it fixed.

    Kind regards

  3. jardd says:

    I have an Epiphone Les Paul Black edition the nick is broken, send me your email so you can view the pictures Thanks Jared

  4. Nathan Govender says:

    Hi Francois

    I need to repair my guitar , an Ibanez Jumbo acoustic , the neck needs to be reset , new strings & the pickups need to serviced , how much & how long for the job??

  5. Andy Swart says:

    Good day.

    My acoustic guitar has a fret or 2 that has worn out the paat few years. Is there ways to fix that? It mostly effects the commen D chord but as worship leaders we need it a lot.


  6. Norman says:

    Hi Francois

    I got an Washburn D 10 B (not sure about the B) from a pawn shop ( I know,, I know) for Christmas, tried to adjust the neck just a little but the buzz still around on the high notes, can I bring it in for a quote. I wanted a guitar with a great action and intonation.

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