Why you shouldn’t advertise on Facebook and rather spend money on Google Adwords


Hi. I'm currently 33 years old and I'm a full time web developer. I love my wife and... my two cats! The main goal of this blog is to help other South Africans with product reviews, how to articles and updated science and tech news. There are many things that's not very clearly explained like how to do your tax or how to renew your car license for example. So hopefully this blog can be useful to others.

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2 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    Hi Francois,

    I also have a website (www.bikemunch.co.za) for which I am trying to get more traffic. I havent tried Google Ads yet, but have tried Facebook adds and also believe that all the likes you get are fake. When I look at the profiles of the “people” that liked the add, none of them are the type of people i would expect to like the add in the sense that they have nothing in common with my page and their profiles are usually blank. I guess only if you have a massive follower base on facebook does such adds make sense.


    • Hi Karl,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve also noticed that people liking my Facebook ads doesn’t have any interest that would relate to the thing I’m advertising.

      I’ve check some well known online shops Facebook pages like Hello Pretty for example. They currently have 51 689 Facebook likes on their page, but when you look at the interaction on their Facebook posts, they’ve only got 1 like here, 9 likes there, and 8 likes here for posts that are 3 days old.

      So that’s a good example of fake people liking their Facebook page and why there’s no interaction on posts.

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