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Which Courier In South Africa Is Best For Prepaid Users, Based on Service, Pricing and Technology

I recently created my own online shop where I sell beard care products like beard oil and beard soaps etc called Joburg Beard Company. And with that comes the daunting task to find a courier company that will work for you. I was looking for a courier who could provide a really good service, who can keep the costs as low as possible and who has an easy-to-use system.

And the biggest thing for me was the cost. Because online shopping in South Africa is quite new a scary for most people. Because you don’t know if the online shop is legit and there are so many scams out there, you don’t want to just enter your credit card details on any website. So with online shopping, if the courier fee is high, people will rather try and find the item in a physical shop and if the courier fee is high they might also just abandon the cart because you don’t want to buy something and then the delivery fee is the same price as the item.

In my case, my products aren’t that expensive so I had to keep my cost for delivery as low as possible. So after shopping around for a few weeks and getting information on courier companies and getting pricing, I found The Courier Guy. I don’t want to tell you that they are the best but they surely meet my requirements. And I will tell you why.

  1. They have a pre-paid option when you pay credit into your account and then you can start booking parcels. The first amount is R1140. They come and drop off waybills and flyer bags and you’re on your way.
  2. You can book your parcel online. The system is a bit outdated and I would maybe upgrade the UI but it works. The only thing I would drastically change here is showing your available credit in your account. Currently, they send you statements every night on email and most of the time they are out of date. Like one day behind. So if you don’t have enough credit, they won’t collect your parcel. And to top up your account, you need to do an EFT into their bank account, and then email the proof of payment to them. I feel that they need an online system where you can top up with your credit card instantly on the fly. This is 2017 after all.
  3. Their pricing is the best I’ve seen so far after FastWay. To courier a flyer bag overnight/same day up to 2KG anywhere in Gauteng is R45. To courier a flyer bag overnight from Gauteng to anywhere outside of Gauteng costs R96. Other courier companies charges almost double this amount and then they say their service is better than The Courier Guy. Yes, they actually say this over the phone. Every other courier company that I have phoned has told me that they can’t beat these prices.
  4. The service is really good. They always collect twice a day and 95% of the time if they collect in the morning and the delivery is within Gauteng, it arrives there the same day. They have never messed up a delivery or forgot to do a pickup. They have never damaged or lost a parcel. My clients are always happy after they have received my parcel.

I haven’t tried other courier companies yet. FastWay also has a prepaid option but you have to buy 40 local flyers bags in Gauteng for a set price which comes to R1440.

Dawnwing has got a prepaid option but their prices are about R68 for a flyer bag anywhere in Gauteng which is more expensive than The Courier Guy. I know Dawnwing has got an e-commerce solution which I guess is just an online booking system like The Courier Guy with a plugin for your website.

Some suggestions I would make to The Courier Guy to make it even better.

  1. Write your own online shopping plugins. People would love it I tell you.
  2. Update your online booking system. I know you’re using Parcel Perfect which a lot of courier companies use in South Africa. But it needs a serious update. It looks like something from 1994 built-in Windows 3.1.
  3. Show your prepaid customer’s credit amount in the system so that they know when to add money. Also, enable credit card top up’s. It’s 2017 and there are a lot of development companies out there who can sort you out with a solution and make it more automated. Less admin. More time to spend on other things. It will gain you more customers. I promise. People love automation.

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