This is what happens when you reply to spam email

This is quite interesting…and funny! I’ve never responded to spam emails before and it looks like it can be fun. All you need is another alternative email account and you probably need to add it to some dodgy websites to receive spam emails.

In South Africa and I’m sure in other countries we receive a lot of spam emails that look like it’s coming from a bank asking you to update your banking details. So it takes you to a fake login page that looks exactly like the banking page and then they steal your login details.

Most people don’t even notice that the URL in the address bar is wrong.

Take my parents for example. The other day I had to show my dad how to forward an email. And on another occasion all his recent Skype chats went missing, meanwhile he clicked on the contacts tab and all he had to do is click on the recent chat tab.

So there’s no way that he’s going to know that he must check the URL of his banking website.

Anyways. That’s a different story. I’m going to have some fun replying to spam emails to see what interesting things they reply with.

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