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Web Africa Shared Hosting Uptime and Support Review

I signed up at Web Africa for their R299 [SA] Shared Linux Ultimate package where I hosted a few websites. On there I added a few addon domains in the cPanel control panel. I kept getting server resources limit warnings even though the package was unlimited.

But I guess nothing is ever really unlimited.

I had a few issues with the support as well. I would open a support ticket and it would sometimes get answered a few days later. I would also have to phone them when I didn’t get a response and sometimes I won’t get through on the phone at all. So the ticket support system was a bit slow.

Web Africa also has a live chat support feature on their website, but if you try to open a chat, it just won’t get answered and eventually you will get a message telling you that they don’t have any available agents at the moment. So then I would send a tweet to them which kicks things into action.

Web Africa also has their own custom email firewall built into cPanel. So when you have addon domains or alias domains in your control panel and you create email accounts for those domains, Web Africa needs to manually add the email accounts to the firewall which takes up to an hour. So you can imagine when the support tickets takes a few days to get answered, and when the live chat doesn’t get answered, it could take a few days before you have a working email account.

For some reason the server also went down on a daily basis. Sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for a few hours. I had a server uptime monitor set up for all my sites hosted with them using Uptime Robot. So I would get daily notifications of the server going down.

I think Web Africa’s servers are hosted with Teraco Data Environments in Cape Town

I’ve now moved all my sites to a reseller account at Domains.co.za

I will write a new review about their support and server uptime in a few months.

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  1. Jullian April 21, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    Webafrica is a scam company which dont care about their clients . Over the years I worked with many hosting companies , they are one of the worst I have seen so far. I dont suggest anyone to use it! If you still decide you want to work with them, my advice read the terms and conditions carefully. Right now I asked to cancel the monthly payment and they don’t agree, they want to continue for 2 more months, This is CRAZY! Bad customer service Violating terms and conditions Bad servers compared to other companies And the list go on I hope I saved some people from them.

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