The quantity of Simba chips in packets are getting less. What’s going on?

Francois La Cock

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11 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    What did the one Simba chip say to another Simba chip?
    Nothing, they were in two separate packets.

  2. ratmo says:

    think the extra space is to protect the chips so you dont just get crumbs

  3. ratmo says:

    think the extra space is to protect the chips so you dont just get crumbs. oh checked a packet there is a complaints number on the back

  4. Kobus says:

    You will be better off weighing the contents of the packet. That way you will have proof of what you are claiming, even though they can claim you ate some of it before you photographed it 😀

    What I did notice, and not only from Simba, is the following situations:

    1. Packet of chips weights 30g.
    2. Silently, without notice, the packet drops to 25g (and indicated on the pack as 25g)
    3. A few months later, you see the following on the packet: “NOW EVEN MORE VALUE FOR MONEY! NOW WITH 5g EXTRA!, and the label is now changed back to 30g”
    4. Wash, rinse, repeat in a year or so…



  5. Cylna says:

    Hi, I bought some Salt & Vinegar Simba Chips at our local Spar.
    It did not have any taste at all. It tasted like they just baked the chips and put in into the pack without the seasoning.

  6. Francdore says:

    That awkward moment when you buy a bag of air and there are chips inside.

  7. Benedict says:

    I aggree its getting smaller since the 90’s. The packets used tobe full and now there are less than half.

    Please Simba, we pay for a full bag of chips that what we want.

    Hope this can get to the right management.

    Cheers for now

  8. Mrs van Wyk says:

    The Simba Chips are defnitely getting more expensive and less chips. Disgusting!!!!!!

  9. Pam Stones ė says:

    I recently saw a post on Facebook where two Indian men were show that Simba chips contain plastic. They proved it by setting chips on fire. Please comment.

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