The Drift Releases 'The Rain' Official Video

The Drift Releases ‘The Rain’ Official Video

Again, as you’d expect from your pals, not a typical press release.

I have always hated tour. In what was always a delicate band situation, the road often proved the breaking point. Who drives, whose turn it is to pay for petrol, who has to sleep on the floor tonight, who played a shit show the night before and who is the next oke to get on your nerves… Tour was always the necessary evil to get your band known outside of your home town, the thing that breaks the bank, your bonds and your balls. I fucking hated tour.

That was all before The Drift. You feel safe in the band room with your mates. There’s no pressure from the outside world, it’s just you and your mates having a beer and making some music. The Drift was locked away in the band room (a vibe neatly captured in the ‘Exile’ video) for more than a year before our band was made known. You’re having a good time keeping it to yourselves, why ruin it?

Then you get thrown into the scene and do the best you can… and then the inevitable happens. Tour. This time it’s been quite different. When all the bad shit that WILL happen on tour doesn’t get you down, you start noticing all the great things. The people, the places, the good times… it all makes for better shows. You don’t mind being crammed in the van, because you know the oke that’s crammed in next to you is the best conversation you’ll have for the next 15 hours, just to go play for 30/45 minutes. This video is about all that. The Rain is also the song that brought this band together. This video just shows that we’ll stay that way. Enjoy, and see you on tour!

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