1Time airlines liquidated and how to get your money back on booked tickets

The 1Time liquidation situation and how to get your money back for booked flight tickets with credit card refund

1Time airlines liquidated and how to get your money back on booked tickets

The 1Time situation and how to get your money back.

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Many of you would have heard by now, the sad news about 1Time ceasing to operate all flights as of Friday 2 November 2012, 3pm. We wanted to pass some helpful info on to you.

Our customers who booked 1Time flights through Travelstart.co.za would by now have received an email from us explaining the situation.We made the decision not to offer the booking of 1Time flights from 22 August of this year when we received news of 1Time filing for business rescue. We waited to see signs that the situation would improve, sadly, as you are aware, it did not.As you may be aware, 1Time tickets are non-refundable, except in the case of illness of passenger or death in the family, so until they officially ceased operations on Friday, passengers would not have been able to apply for a refund if they cancelled their bookings.

As all bookings with Travelstart.co.za for 1Time flights are on credit card only, you should be able to dispute the charge from 1Time Airline with your bank on the basis of services not delivered by the airline. It’s important to note that this “charge-back” can only be used in the case of flights not having been delivered by 1Time Airline, and not in the case of flights not having been used by a traveller. (For example if you booked to travel in September but didn’t use the ticket, you cannot dispute this charge with your bank)

Dispute processes for different banks as per Barbara Mareglele and Wendy Knowler of the Cape Times, 5 November 2012:

A card holder has 120 days from the date of travel, as reflected on the ticket to dispute and request chargeback via Absa for services not rendered.
Should the dispute be found to be justified, the supplier of the service is debited and the card holder’s account is credited.
Chargeback rights apply where the service has not been delivered as contracted whether the merchant has been liquidated or not.
To claim chargeback via Absa, call 0861 462 273, visit a branch, or email [email protected]

Nedbank clients have just 30 days to raise a chargeback dispute. In the case of an airline collapse, that could be 30 days from the date of the scheduled flight, or “from when the card holder was first made aware that the service would not be provided”.
In other words, from the date a liquidation is announced.
To claim chargeback form Nedbank, call the bank’s call centre at 0860 555 111.
A dispute form will be provided, and you will be asked to provide the standard documentation.

FNB clients have 180 days from the transaction date, or the expected delivery date, to apply for a chargeback. It an airline goes into liquidation, the chargebacks start once the liquidation has been confirmed with the airline’s bank.
Affected FNB customers should call 087 575 1111 to get the necessary form which needs to be completed and then emailed or faxed back.

Standard Bank gives its customers 120 days in which to apply for chargeback from the time the service has not been rendered.
Email: [email protected]ardbank.co.za.”

If you booked with 1Time directly and paid via EFT or cash, you will need to try and reach 1Time for advice. Unfortunately their telephone has been disconnected and we are trying to find someone from the company who can provide us with an alternative number.

Be aware that in the case of EFT payment, you may need to wait for their liquidators to make a decision on refunds before you will be able to get your cash back. This is often a very lengthy procedure unfortunately, so we strongly advise that you make alternative travel arrangements in the mean time.

Our thoughts are with all affected by this difficult situation: 1Time’s loyal customers, their staff and their families. We are all hoping for a speedy resolution to the matter.

From the team of www.travelstart.co.za

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