Shooters around the world.

Yesterday a friend and I found an O’Hagans pub near this nail salon my fiancé went to and it looked pretty awesome. Like one of those old pubs in London – homey and full of smoke. We had two beers while we were waiting for my fiancé to get her nails done and saw these gold plates with names on the wooden pillars around the bar. We then wondered wtf it’s for and asked the bar man.

Apparently all you need to do is drink 20 shooters in one week. So we decided to do it. I want my name in some bar! So we got started and had 13 shooters in two hours. It wasn’t that bad. AND when we had enough for one day we left and when we got outside someone washed our car. Now we only need to do 7 more shooters and then we’re done. Hopefully when we go back we’ll get another car wash.

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