Petrol price increase 71 cents per litre

Scheme to reduce the petrol price increase in SA – only use local petrol, Engen, Sasol, Total and Caltex


Petrol price increase 71 cents per litre

This Wednesday 4 April 2012 the petrol price is going up with 71 cents. Which will make it R11.76 per liter for 93 unleaded. That’s ridiculously expensive and makes me want to buy a small scooter for around R3000 to drive to work. WTF is going on? Everything is getting so expensive. Food, fuel, rent and electricity among other things is going up not to mention the toll roads but our salaries are staying the same. One of these days it will be impossible to live. I can’t even imagine people with kids where they have to pay school fees and drive those extra kilometers to drive their kids to school.

Let’s maybe try that scheme where you only put in fuel from local petrol companies. Yes, the scheme from that spam email.

There’s this email that’s been going around for years which lands in my spam mail box most of the time where it says that if everyone can ONLY use local petrol like Sasol, Total, Engen and Caltex, the international companies like BP (British Petroleum), Shell and others will be forced to drop their prices in order to make any money. Then according to the governments Petrol Price Regulation our local petrol companies will have to lower their prices as well.

I’m not 100% sure how this “act” works so if anyone can please enlighten me that would be great. I know that the petrol price is determined by the government so I’m not sure if other companies are allowed to just lower their prices.

I don’t know but maybe we should just try it and see what happens. At least we’re trying something instead of just taking it from behind by the Government.

If anyone else have a better plan or idea of how we can drop the fuel price, please post it in a comment below.

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  1. Faiek Taliep April 2, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    We need to stand up for our rights and fuck the government and fuel companies like they’re fucking us. I say boycott British petrol. I’ll start by making people wiser about where they fill their cars

  2. Anon May 19, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Corrected links, sorry.

    Hey, the reason everything is going up is because we have all been lied to from the day of our birth until the day we choose to UNDERSTAND the SYSTEM. Throw out the fuse that says “Ignorance is bliss” and insert the fuse “Knowledge is power”

    Inflation occurs as a result of more money in circulation, well since money is created out of debt and all the taxes we pay, yes PAYE, VAT, etc primarily go to paying off the interest of that debt that is create by loaning people, companies and other governments fiat currency (NOT MONEY)*.

    *(Currency has no backing giving it value, the only thing that gives it value is the faith people instill in its buying power, could always switch to another medium such as bit-coin etc, majority of currencies are all fiat and primarily backed by nothing which allows more and more to be printed and thus created and as the laws of economics define supply and demand, the higher the supply, the less it is worth and the less each rand can buy. If I am not mistaken there are but a handful, just over of countries in the WORLD that are not bankrupt, that is that spend more than their annual GDP. Countries do not go bankrupt like people and businesses do but it does not mean that they are not still bankrupt, the only way to get solve that problem is the country offers a counter payment to the debt they owe or they just replace their old currency with a new one, like what Zimbabwe did. From Zimbabwean dollar to now using the American dollar.)

    The answer to our problem is not only the money that is being printed and handed to the select few at the top of the system but also in the fact that the top echelons of our system are not held accountable for their follies, that is E-toll never wanted by the people, never were intended to benefit the people yet those gantries are still standing and now the cost to pass each one is up by 15% since their inception, something we were told won’t happen.

    Time for the people to unplug their dumbed down brains (no offense meant) from the dumbing machine and to learn and educate ourselves and each other on how the machine really works so that there can be change, real change not empty political promises.

    It has nothing to do with shopping locally nor supporting the local business, it has everything to do with the higher positioned people of the system deliberately screwing you, the people.

    What makes the Investec CEO worthy or deserving of a 54 million rand salary plus benefits(salary comparison South Africa)? And the wealth management CFO’s of the other banks earning between 1.5 million and 3 million a year. Some would say they deserve it when in reality I would think it is a legal bribe to keep them from exposing the truth, that money is bogus, to keep the people enslaved to the debt the banks and private banks at that create.

    Think who wrote the south african constitution and who amends it and where you had your say that the president DOES NOT PAY TAX nor his wives or ministers. Where was your say as to how much the presidents ministers etc earn a year, everyone says it is written in the constitution but if I write in the constitution that I am the Lord almighty does that make it so?

    My point being everything we are taught in school and in life is to keep this virus infected system, this machine working. People if you are worried about the cost of living and the cost of transport EDUCATE YOURSELVES and don’t vote for change, create the change, together.

    Gandhi – “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    He never meant that one should do it alone.

    South African Reserve Bank – Privately Owned
    South African the country – Listed on the New York Stock Exchange
    And for those who want a peak through the door here is a little animation that although American based it is globally principled.

    Collapse of the American Dream (Globally)

    Ubuntu Party

    The Ubuntu Party have started a campaign to remove the private banks and debt and interest on the currency and rather just make people live within their means which would actually increase as a result of no debt.

    In 1980 R100 bought a full trolley of groceries
    in 1995 R100 bought 3/4 of a trolley of groceries
    in 2000 R100 bought half a trolley worth of groceries
    in 2014 R100 buys you a litre of milk, loaf of bread and a few chocolates.

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