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Santa Cause for Paws Campaign 2014

‘Santa Cause for Paws’ started in October 2013 and our main focus is our Christmas Drive, box campaign that runs during the Christmas period each year. The concept is very similar to the ‘Santa Shoebox’ initiative, which provide to underprivileged children and we hope to be as successful in the upcoming years, except, our focus is with dogs and cats and other animals in need.

In our first year, we managed to deliver 2195 boxes to our 10 pre-selected charities in Johannesburg & Pretoria and 667 boxes to our KZN charities. We have recently branched out to Cape Town and the Vaal as well.

‘Santa Cause for Paws’ is committed to collecting and distributing Christmas packs made by the public to various animal shelters. Our aim is to make Christmas a little more special for cats & dogs in shelters by providing them with treats that they would otherwise go without.

Click here to start pledging!

For the Christmas Drive we urge people via our Facebook page to go onto our website ( and pledge boxes in the following categories:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Puppy
  • Kitten

Thereafter, people can choose where and when they would like to drop off their box from a selection of pre-determined drop off points.

Each box that is pledged needs to have the following 5 items:

  • TWO things yum (food AND treat)
  • Something warm (blanket or jacket)
  • Something useful (food bowl, collar, conditioning tablets)
  • Something fun (toy for cat/dog)

In addition we ask that people place an item in the box for the people working at the shelter, to thank them for all their hard and tiring work, but this is not mandatory.

How can you help?

  • Vouchers / Prizes
    We auction off vouchers, online vouchers, hampers and any other items / prizes donated to us by small businesses in order to raise funds for the campaign that is currently running. In return we offer free advertising on our Facebook page.
  • Sponsoring printing
    We need to print leaflets to create awareness of our campaign and we would like to do this by running leaflet drops at Supermarkets around Gauteng, sponsoring of leaflets would be appreciated
  • Placement of advert
    We rely on the public to make our campaign successful and thus need to create awareness. Placing an advert or article on our campaign would greatly benefit the success of our campaign.
  • Volunteer your establishment to be a drop off area in our upcoming Christmas campaign

Thank you

The Santa Cause For Paws Team

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