Zombie ZA Book Review


New book by local zombie authority Lee Herrmann shows zombies how to blend in

Much has been made of the looming zombie apocalypse and shows like The Walking Dead have popularised the living’s fight to for survival. But what about the zombies? What about their plight?
Local author Lee Herrmann’s latest book Zombie ZA is a humorous guide on how zombies can cope with their new affliction while waiting for the apocalypse to catch up.

Imagine it: you’re walking down a deserted street, minding your own business when a zombie pops out and takes a little nibble out of you. What now? What do you do? Those are all very good questions, and up until now, there has not been a resource to help the newly infected and soon-to-be-undead manage their transition. Zombie ZA is written from a uniquely South African perspective and guides you from infection, providing insight and tips on the physical transformation, as well as useful steps to avoid being noticed. From there it spins off into some helpful hints on how to deal with pesky questions, how to break the news to your family, and how to satisfy your cravings without getting caught. There’s even a section on local superstitions and how to behave at local social gatherings (a braai, sports games, weddings, etc.) without prematurely starting the end of days. The book is a refreshing twist on the survival guide genre, looking at it from the zombie perspective. And while it provides practical advice, there is a humorous twist and an insightful look at local culture.

There’s also a section where zombies are given the opportunity to join their very own union: SAZU (South African Zombie Union) and is a hilarious sendup of the local union structure while providing a platform for zombies to unite and overthrow the oppression of the living. Readers can join and even get their own membership card, which is a cute extra.

All in all Zombie ZA is a funny read that pokes a bit of fun at the South African culture and provides some food for thought for all the zombie lovers out there.

Zombie ZA is the third zombie-themed book by Lee Herrmann. If you have a hunger for other zombie books, check out Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse and The South African Zombie Survival Guide. Visit www.saza.co.za to get your fix.

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