Avengers movie 2012

Review of the new Avengers movie 2012 and official trailer

Avengers movie 2012

I went to watch the new Avengers movie this weekend. AWESOME movie! And I stayed awake the whole time. The last time I went to watch Transformers I got so bored with all the same fight scenes that I fell asleep. The one think I noticed was that Captain America and Black Widow was a bit lame. There was this one scene where Captain America and The Black Widow was standing in a street and she was busy shooting the enemies with two hand guns and he was throwing them with his shield. So in that whole scene they took out about five guys. The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor had to do most of the work as they have the most power between them. Iron Man can fly, Thor has this awesome hammer and The Hulk punched one of those dragon things into the ground while all the others were watching.

I’ll give this movie a 9/10. Everything about it was excellent. I watched it in 3D which is a must if you want to get the full effect.

Here’s the Avengers official trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

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