South Africa Elections 2016

Please go vote on Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I’m not really someone who gets into a heavy political debate. I’ll voice my opinion and give my views, but what you do with your vote is ultimately your business. However, this time round, I want you to think about your vote. Here is why.

The ANC has, over the course of its 22-year rule, done nothing for this country. Our rand is at its weakest it has ever been. Crime is out of control. Food prices are skyrocketing. Corruption is destroying the growth of this country. All of this has a knock-on effect that just helps this country on its downward spiral.

I understand that a change of political party, might not change the gloomy outlook that our country has. But it’s time for change. It’s time to vote for someone who looks towards the future of its youth and the prosperity of a country that has so much to offer. It’s time to give another political party the reigns, in hopes that things change for the better.

I also understand and accept that one party does not suit everybody. There are various parties that all have their own policies. Some of these policies appeal to Afrikaners, some appeal to Africans, some appeal to only Indian or Chinese. This is understandable as we are all different, we come from different backgrounds and we understand the world differently. There is nothing wrong with this.

That being said, we need to unite. Even if it is only once. Even if it is only now. We need to get new leadership. I understand that the DA might not tickle everyone’s fancy, but they have the best chance of unseating the ANC in various metros, and it’s time we give them that opportunity. I personally have quite a few problems with the DA’s policies, but I know that they are ‘the lesser of the two evils’ and have the best opportunity of making this country better. Voting for a lesser party is not a waste of a vote, that’s not what I’m saying. But we need to get the ANC out. And the only way to do that is to unite behind one front.

If you plan on not going to the polls on Wednesday, 3 August, please take a moment and think about it. You not voting because you feel it won’t make a difference is wrong. That one vote might be the difference. That one vote might change South Africa’s future. Instead of not voting, because you feel the ANC will win, make a tick in someone else’s box.

I love my country. I am proud to call myself a South African. We need a change so that this country can fulfill its true potential. So please think about where you place your tick on Wednesday.

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