Photography 101: Choosing the Right Camera That Suits You


According to Rich Wagner, a professional photographer, “The truth is, you can take great photos with lousy cameras and lousy photos with great cameras. Your decision rides mostly, then, on what you plan to do with the camera and where you plan to sell the pictures it produces.” Photography is a field that has something in store for everyone. Whether you’re a gadget-lover and want to have the updated high-technology tools or you’re someone who is always on-the-go and in need of something that you can easily carry, there are cameras that are made to match your needs. But because there are so many choices available in the market today, how do you decide which camera best suit you?

Types of Cameras

Let’s not include camera phones; there are 3 basic types of cameras: Advanced Digital, Point and Shoot, and SLR.

· ‘Point and Shoot’ cameras. This type of camera provides its user with an obvious benefit—it is small and easy to travel with. Today, there are great compact cameras offered by different brands such as Panasonic and Sony. They have smaller lenses, which makes the quality of the image compromised. This type of camera is hopeless for wildlife photography, but can work fine in a market scene in Asia or the busy streets of Ranganathan. Compact cameras also perform poorly in low light.

· Advanced Digital cameras. For many people, the simple specs of a Canon G12 are enough to produce decent photos. Compared with a point and shoot camera, the lenses of an advanced digital camera are better and interchangeable. This type of camera also provides a lens that has a bigger focal length range, manual controls and you can also attach filters like an external flash and polarisers. They are bulkier than a point and shoot camera but a lot lighter than an SLR.

· Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras. This is the perfect camera for people who love photography and want to produce the best image for keepsakes. The lenses are interchangeable. Digital SLRs, known as DSLRs, are becoming popular among professional photographers today because of the quality images that it produces.

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