Deezer Vs Apple Music Online Streaming

Online Music Streaming Service Review: Apple Music vs. Deezer

I have been using Deezer for quite awhile now and it did everything I needed it to do.I didn’t pay for it and had my ad blocker on. But there’s a lot of stuff you can’t do when you don’t pay for it like download the music to your phone to listen later and you can only skip a few times and then you can’t skip anymore. I’m not sure what the other things are.

I just used the free version with my ad blocker on. But when using that you can’t skip songs, rewind, you can’t download music to your phone for offline listening and probably a bunch of other functionality that’s disabled.

So a few people at work said that they’re using Apple Music and it’s apparently awesome and really smart in the way it learns what your taste in music is.

Because I was using the free version of Deezer, I wanted to subscribe so that I can download music on my phone to listen to in the car. But before I subscribe, I wanted to check out Apple Music to see what all the hype is about.

So here’s a list of pros and cons when you compare Apple Music to Deezer.

Deezer Apple Music
Monthly Subscription Fee R59.99 / month R59.99 / month
User Interface Deezer’s user interface is sleek, very easy to use and it works on any web browser. Which means you can access it from anywhere. Apple Music requires you to install iTunes. So to stream music on your computer or at someone else’s house, you will need to install iTunes there and then log in. And if they already use iTunes, it will be a mission for you to log in and then stream music from your account if that’s something you would like to do.
Available platforms Deezer comes with PC and Mac applications, Android, iOS for iPhone, Apple smart watch, Windows 8, BlackBerry, iPad and Android tablets, Apple TV, various smart TV apps, various sound systems and even smart car stereos. Apple Music is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Apple TV,  iPod touch, Mac, PC, Apple watch. As you can see the list is significantly smaller as it’s mostly for Apple users.
Size of music collection Deezer has over 43 million tracks Apple Music has around 40 million songs
Downloading music offline I found that on Deezer it was extremely easy to download songs to your phone. You just create a playlist and there there’s a little download switch at the top and it will start downloading. You can also click on an artist or any other playlist and tap download. Easy as that. On Apple Music I was using the Android app on my phone. At first there was no download button to be found anywhere. Then after a few days the download button appeared. I tried downloading some playlists or albums and it looks like only a few songs downloaded and didn’t want to download the rest. The app was also really buggy like when you want to add a song to your playlist, it wouldn’t add. You have to tap it a few times and restart the app after it worked.
Web Interface Deezer has a web interface and can be used anywere in a browser. Apple Music doesn’t ahve a web interface. You have to download and install iTunes on a computer and listen from there.
Sign up process Deezer’s sign up process is really easy. You just type in your email, password, choose a plan, enter your credit card details and off you go. On Apple Music it was a bit more of a mission. You first need to download and install iTunes and then in there you need to create an account and sign up to a subscription plan. But it’s really confusing and you’re not really sure how the library works. iTunes was also really buggy like my computer couldn’t handle it and just the general use of the app wasn’t anything compared to Deezer.
Built in lyrics feature Deezer has a built in lyrics feature. Apple Music doesn’t.
Radio streaming feature No live radio streaming Yes
Creating Playlists It’s super easy and fast to add songs to playlists. Just a click of a button. I found iTunes very buggy. When you add a song to a playlist, it doesn’t get added. Even after doing it over and over it still doesn’t get added. And the UI looks like it’s from Windows 95

So in conclusion, I would definately go for Deezer as it’s just much better.

Please comment your findings below and if you think that some of the point above are incorrect.

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