Netflix South Africa

Netflix is now available in South Africa!

I have received the email that Netflix is now available in South Africa.

I used to log into to Netflix using UnoTelly and with an American account but I see that when I go to the Netflix website, it doesn’t redirect to Unotelly anymore. I was also able to install Netflix on my Samsung with their Android app which wasn’t available to download before. You can also download Netflix from the iTunes App store.

Netflix is also giving you one month free streaming! You can sign up here:

But I’m still using my American login details so I have no idea if there is a content difference between a US account and a South African account.

If you do notice a difference or if you have read somewhere that there’s a difference in content, please comment on this post and I will add it.

This is really awesome and DStv can suck my balls!!!

The only thing I’m going to do now is upgrade my ADSL line speed.

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