Music you should know about – Jeff Loomis

Music you should know about – Jeff Loomis

If you ever thought you were getting pretty good at playing guitar, then stop reading this to avoid disappointment.

Jeff Loomis… even his surname sounds like a sweeping action. You wouldn’t be able to do mouth solo better than his guitar playing. He plays so fast, that when he solos in front of the mirror, he beats his own reflection.

There are loads of good guitarists out there, and some may be better in certain skill departments, but for me, his songwriting is what separates him from the rest.

Everytime I listen to a Jeff Loomis song, I NEED to pickup my guitar and play sweet melodies that makes my guitar neck melt in desperation for the next note. It might be Christine Rhodes and her seductive voice that begs dreams to become reality. The reality is that Jeff knows how to write good songs. It doesn’t have to be technical or proggy. Being a brilliant guitarist does not make you a good song writer.

I’m basing this purely on music I’ve heard from other “session” guitarists. The music becomes stale if it’s so complicated the whole time, with 7 million time changes and offbeats that scares porn stars.

So if there is any good songwriters that I should know about, please drop it in the comments, maybe I can write something about that artist one day.

Jato Unit from Zero Order Phase

Chosen Time – Featuring Christine Rhodes

Reverie for eternity – Featuring Christine Rhodes

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