Music you should know about – Crowbar

It’s similar to the first weapon you pick up in the Half-Life series. The riffs are as heavy and fat as the front man, Kirk Windstein. You will have found the joys of Crowbar, when your bottom lip suddenly overshadow your top one, and your eyes roll over like a dog that needs a belly scratch.

Crowbar is one of my favourite Sludge Metal bands. Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana in America. Formed in 1989 by main chap Kirk Windstein, released 10 studio albums with their latest “Symmetry in Black” just last week (26 May 2014). They’ve had numerous member changes, but still seems to keep going. As long as Kirk is there, the band will probably never die.

Here is some music from their 1993 self titled album “Crowbar”

This is from their 2000 album “Equilibrium”

Finally, I’ll leave you with a song from their latest album “Symmetry in Black”

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