iRig Amplitube

iRig guitar adapter for iPad and AmpliTube review

iRig Amplitube


I bought myself the iRig guitar adapter so that I can plug my guitar into my iPad and play through my iPad using either the AmpliTube or GarageBand app. I found that it gives quite a lot of feedback when using my headphones and only when using effects with high gain/distortion.

But the first time I plugged it in I used my Samsung Galaxy S2 headphones which have its own microphone. So I thought that caused the feedback. And then I plugged in normal iPhone headphones and still got the feedback.

So I read the instructions that came with the iRig made by IK Multimedia¬†and it says you should use a 1/4″ headphone jack which goes to two RCA plugs. And then plug it into speakers. Ok very well. But what’s the point of the whole setup then? Then you can just use an amplifier. The whole reason why I bought it was because I could take my guitar and iPad anywhere and play through my iPad using the iRig which makes you mobile.

I read a couple of forums and couldn’t really find a solution for this? Is there any solution to play through headphones with no noise or feedback?

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