How to open port 80 on Windows when using WAMP server or other local servers


I’ve used this command plenty of times before but I keep forgetting what it is.

I use WAMP Server to build WordPress websites on my local machine and sometimes WAMP Server doesn’t want to open because port 80 is being used.

Sometimes it’s used by Skype or it could can be used by other programs. But if WAMP Server still doesn’t start after you’ve closed Skype, then it might be used by Microsoft IIS.

A way to check if it’s being used, you can start WAMP which will probably give you an orange icon.

To check what is using port 80 follow these steps:

  1. Left click on the WAMP server icon.
  2. Then click on Apache > Service > Test Port 80

This will open a command window and show you what is using port 80. (This tutorial is only for when IIS is using port 80)

So if it says:

Follow these steps to open port 80:

  1. Click start and type CMD (Command Prompt)
  2. Right on the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and click open as administrator
  3. Then type iisreset /stop

You should then get this result:


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