How to get an ADSL internet line installed at your house.

How To Get ADSL At Your Home And Which Internet Provider Is The Best

To get ADSL internet at your home can sometimes be a struggle. I have heard good and bad experiences, but it’s not impossible to get a landline and ADSL installed. All you need is a little patience and, another land line to call Telkom from. If you don’t know someone with a landline, you can always try to phone from work because the call is free from a Telkom landline.

To have ADSL internet at your house you will need three things:

  1. A Telkom landline – R189.00pm
  2. Active ADSL line on your landline (Price depends on speed of line)
  3. An ADSL data plan**
  4. An ADSL WiFi router

** You get a few different ADSL data plans, but the main ones you need to worry about is Uncapped ADSL (Throttling/Shaped) and Capped ADSL (Unthrottled/Unshaped).

Uncapped ADSL is uncapped but your service provider usually throttles you when you have used a certain amount of data. You also need to order the same uncapped package speed as your ADSL line speed. So if you have a 2Mbps ADSL line speed, then you must order a 2Mbps data plan with a provider like Vox Telecom or Mweb.

Throttling is when they make your internet connection slower usually during the day or when you have reached a certain amount of data for the month. I’m not exactly sure why they do it but it might happen when they see you’re downloading too much. Which doesn’t really make it uncapped does it?

For example on a 2Mb uncapped ADSL line you will get throttled at 70GB.
A 4Mb uncapped ADSL line will get throttled at 120Gb.

Capped ADSL is when you choose the amount of data that you want to use each month but it’s not throttled, and your internet will be as fast as your ADSL line speed is. So if you have a 4Mbps ADSL line speed, and you have a 100Gb data per month ADSL package, your internet speed will be 4Mbps.

How to order a Telkom landline

To order a Telkom ADSL line, you need to call 10210 from another Telkom landline or from your cellphone, and just ask for them to come and install the line at your home. Just follow all the instructions they give you. They will do a check if you have ADSL available in your area and what speeds you have available.

How to order a Telkom ADSL line

You can do this at the same time when you order a landline. Just ask them to activate your ADSL line and the speed that you prefer or can afford.

How to order a data plan and which provider to use

I’m currently using Mweb. I haven’t had any problems with them and they’re support and service is very fast. I think you can phone them until 9pm at night for support. I’ve heard good things about Axxess as well.

What router should you buy?

ADSL routers which are good brands are D-Link and NetGear. I’ve had a TP-Link router which was rubbish. I’ve had that free Mweb router which was also rubbish. I know it’s harsh. But it’s true.

So go check on for any router that’s ADSL2+ N 150Mbps (Wireless transfer speed) and up. 300Mbps is the better option. But your laptop can probably only go up to 75Mbps.

I hopes this helps. Please comment below if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer what I can.

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  1. Eileen January 4, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks for your post clarifying what I need to do to get ADSL. Very helpful as I wasn’t sure if I needed a normal line first.

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