Foo Fighters are coming to South Africa!

I just got to work and got a super exciting phone call from my wife screaming: FOO FIGHTERS ARE COMING TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!

You have no idea how long I have waited for them to come and play here as this is most certainly my most favourite band in the whole entire world.

I’m probably one of those weird obsessed fans who’s got all the albums, watched all there is to watch on YouTube. I’ve got live DVD’s where they play all over the world except South Africa. And NOW, I get to see them LIVE! This is really a dream come true.

Concert Dates and Prices

FNB Stadium – Saturday 13 December 2014

Wednesday 10th December @ Cape Town Stadium

Ticket sales open Thursday 26 June 2014

Here is a little teaser video that Foo Fighters put on their YouTube channel.

Live at Wembley Stadium 2008

You can get updates from Foo Fighters here:

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