Why you shouldn’t advertise on Facebook and rather spend money on Google Adwords

I’ve been using different advertising platforms in the last couple of years like print advertising, Google Ads and Facebook ads.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you and tell you that Facebook ads are a waste of time and money. I’ve spent some money on Facebook ads to either get more likes on my page or to advertise a product that I’m selling, and for what? A bunch of FAKE likes and one share.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of click farms. And if you have, yes. It’s a real thing.

What is a click farm?

Click farms are basically a bunch of people hired by Facebook that sits in one big office (usually India) to go and like, share and click your Facebook ads which you paid for. One of these people in a click farm would have a couple of different Facebook profiles created with different email accounts which are put together with fake profile pictures and some photos that they got off the internet. They would then log in with those profiles and get a target of specific ads to go and click on to make it look like you’re receiving a lot of feedback, clicks, likes and views on your ads.

These are not real customers viewing and clicking on your ads. I’ve run a lot of Facebook ads in my time and sometimes I go and look at the profiles of the people liking my Facebook page or the ad that I’m promoting. It’s very obvious that these profiles have fake photos on them and, the last post that was added to these profiles were maybe a few months ago and sometimes even a year or more ago. Which all indicates to me that it’s not a real Facebook profile or person.

I’ve also noticed that the names on these profiles are definitely not from South Africa. And some profiles even says that they’re based in Uganda or Ghana or something like that. When you’re not even targeting that area.

The result of Facebook ads.

So after I’ve been running a Facebook campaign for a few months to get more likes on my Facebook page, I expect some results where more people would hopefully engage with my posts. So let’s say I got 2000 likes on my Facebook page after I ran the campaign, and I post Facebook updates, news or specials, you would think that you would get more likes on your posts and shares and views.

It turns out that all those “people” who liked your Facebook page from the campaigns that you ran doesn’t engage with your posts at all. Why? Because they’re not real people. It’s fake Facebook profiles. So they just click, view or like your page or promotion and then go away. They don’t log back in to view your content on your page afterward.
Why use Google Ads?

I’ve been running a small online shop where I sell physical products and deliver it. I will be honest and say that I have never made one sale through Facebook. Likes mean nothing and your Facebook page basically just tells customers that you’re a real legit company and gives them more info about your company and also some public awareness. One thing that I think it’s good for is reviews maybe. But not for making sales.

I’ve tested Google ads and I’ve made multiple if not all sales through that. If I switch off my Google Ads, my sales stop almost immediately. And when I switch it back on, I almost instantly start making sales again. But the thing is, you need a company that will set it up correctly. There are a number of YouTube videos with instructions on how to set it up but it’s best to get a company to manage your Google Ads.

I would recommend using COZA Marketing to set up your Google Ads for you and also to manage it. Google ads really work and it’s worth spending money on that rather than wasting it on Facebook ads. Just have a Facebook page to make your company look more legit.

That’s my two cents. Please let me know what your findings are in the comments below and if Facebook actually worked for you. Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong.



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  1. Karl January 12, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Hi Francois,

    I also have a website (www.bikemunch.co.za) for which I am trying to get more traffic. I havent tried Google Ads yet, but have tried Facebook adds and also believe that all the likes you get are fake. When I look at the profiles of the “people” that liked the add, none of them are the type of people i would expect to like the add in the sense that they have nothing in common with my page and their profiles are usually blank. I guess only if you have a massive follower base on facebook does such adds make sense.


    1. Francois LaCock January 12, 2017 at 3:25 pm

      Hi Karl,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve also noticed that people liking my Facebook ads doesn’t have any interest that would relate to the thing I’m advertising.

      I’ve check some well known online shops Facebook pages like Hello Pretty for example. They currently have 51 689 Facebook likes on their page, but when you look at the interaction on their Facebook posts, they’ve only got 1 like here, 9 likes there, and 8 likes here for posts that are 3 days old.

      So that’s a good example of fake people liking their Facebook page and why there’s no interaction on posts.

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