Harvard Cafe Ribs

Doing Dinner – Harvard Cafe

What's the special: 1/2 Price Steak & Ribs
Price: Around R100
When is the special? Every Wednesday
Restaurant: Harvard Cafe

Reviews of restaurant specials for less than R100. Tina, eat. Eat the food!

First of all some perspective – recently my friends and I have really gotten into finding the cheapest dinner specials out there. We started with the R49 Italian Special at Cappuccinos on Monday nights. Breakfast buffets, lunches and more dinners followed. Getting the best deal was starting to become quite the competition amongst us.

So when we found out yesterday that a friend of mine’s grandmother was officially declared Cancer free, we had to celebrate. I generally like to celebrate everything. I mean if you simply let the good times go by without acknowledging them they fade into the past like every other day.

Anyway back to the reason why you’re here – I came across the Harvard Cafe ½ price ribs and steak special (which is available every Wednesday) and that sounded like a winner. They’re situated in the Bonearo Park Shopping Centre, off Atlas Road in Kempton Park. Since it was a nice night and considering most of us are smokers, we decided to sit outside. I had a Castle Draught to kick things off. The service was very good and before I could light my first cigarette my beer arrived.

I went through the menu and immediately spotted the 200g Jack Daniels Sirloin. How good does that sound?! It was priced at R69 which is already a steal but since it was ½ price steak and ribs night I thought I’d only be paying R35. That was not to be. This particular slice of heaven wasn’t included in the special. So back to the menu we went and back to the normal steaks (you know the rump, fillet, sirloins and ribs.) I eventually decided on the 800g ribs priced at R180 but (and this was confirmed by our waitress and later the bill) I only ended up paying R90. The meal was delicious. It came with your choice of chips, rice, veggies and/or salad. I had the chips and salad. The ribs were cooked perfectly and also had quite a lekker basting sauce, not the best you’ll ever have but very decent and something you won’t find yourself complaining about afterwards.

Harvard Cafe Ribs

800g Ribs with Chips & Salad

There are some more great meals on their menu which I plan on having in the coming weeks. For example a R250g Fillet for only R75. That’s not bad. Take a look at their menu – Harvard Cafe Menu – you won’t be disappointed.

Harvard Cafe Fillet

250g Fillet with pepper sauce, chips, & veggies

Total Cost:

I didn’t know last night that my challenge was going to be to keep the price under R100.00. We only decided on this challenge after I had my second draught and after I ordered the biggest portion of ribs they had but my total bill came to R200.00. That included the dinner, 2 Castle Draughts and one can of Coke. I could’ve spent half of that easily but I tend to get carried away during celebrations.

Until next time. Let us know how you’re “Doing Dinner” in the comments below.



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