Hi. I'm currently 31 years old and I'm a full time Front-End Web Developer. I love cats and I love life.... sometimes. I created this blog when I was figuring out how Wordpress works and it eventually started to get a whole lot of traffic. I'm now trying to help fellow South Africans with general how to stuff for example how to renew your car license disc and also reviews like restaurants etc. I haven't done much yet but I will soon start to do more and more. I will try to write as many blog posts as I can. I hope you enjoy this blog and don't forget to leave a comment. Oh and you're welcome to write a guest post or review. Just click on Write Guest Post on the top main menu.



Posts by Francois:

Use Your Head Challenge ft. Vsauce

We get some smart guys to use their heads to do dumb things. GMM #1142! Check out all the awesome Vsauce channels: Michael: Kevin: Jake: http://you...

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Celebrity Food Taste Test

Some celebrities have their own food items and today we try some. GMM #1141! Don’t miss an all new Ten Feet Tall: SUBSCRIBE to GMM: | Watch...

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4 Weird Things You Can Do with Charcoal

Charcoal isn’t just for cooking. GMM #1140! Get your tour tickets here! Comment Takeover! Leave a comment saying what your sneezes sound like!

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The Courier Guy

Which Courier In South Africa Is Best For Prepaid Users, Based on Service, Pricing and Technology

I recently created my own online shop where I sell beard care products like beard oil and beard soaps etc called Joburg Beard Company. And with that comes the daunting task to find a courier company t...

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3 Monkeys Challenge ft Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart

See nothing, hear nothing, & speak nothing. That is the challenge. GMM #1139! Win Hannah’s Hot Dog painting! Be sure to check out Grace, Hannah, and Mamrie...

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I play a game how about that 1 DAY LEFT: Gaem: MY SETUP

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My Coming Out Story.


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BBQ Snack Taste Test

Which snack is the BBQ-iest BBQ flavored treat in the snack aisle? Get Tour of Mythicality info here: We have new merch! Check it out at S...

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Context shirt: MY SETUP

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Fidget spinner trixs hacks tricks unbox fidget spinnner for life Context shirt: MY SETUP

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