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Are you Addicted2Adventure? If not…why not?

Very good friends of mine, Jolene & Thinus Matthysen, an adventure couple living in Gauteng, South Africa started this exciting company in January 2012 called Addicted2Adventure (A2A). My wife and I have attended many of their adventurous events and I because they operate quite differently from other adventure companies, I thought I’ll do a write up about them. Maybe I can get some of you couch potatoes to join us J

To start off…..this is what they have to say on their ‘What is A2A?’ page on their website:

Co-Founder Jolene, says:

“We (myself & hubby, Thinus) are absolutely ADDICTED2ADVENTURE!!!!

How and why did we start Addicted2Adventure? Every time when I told a friend/ colleague/ acquaintance about an adventurous outing we enjoyed over a weekend (or they just saw our pics on Facebook), their response would be “you always do such awesome/ exciting/ outdoor events! I would love to do that as well”. When I ask them why they don’t…their response would be: “I don’t want to go alone, I don’t know what to do, I don’t enjoy organising things, I don’t know where to start!

Sooo………we started Addicted2Adventure!

Thinus, co-founder, adds to that by saying:

“Addicted2Adventure (A2A) loads adventurous happenings and trips (that we will attend ourselves) on our website … anybody who wants to experience any sort of adventure are welcome to join us – as easy as that!

We do all the research (venues, prices, directions, dates, price negotiations etc.) on your behalf. You decide whether you want to join us or not – without paying any membership fee! We love to meet new (adventurous) people, go to new (adventurous) places and experience new (adventurous) things.

Thinus and Jolene

You will realise from their above mentioned words that they really do love spending their adventurous time with other like minded people and I have experienced that they always go out of their way to make anyone and everyone (whether you are 5%, 63% or 120% Addicted2Adventure) welcome!

The coolest part to me is that you don’t have to pay any joining or membership fee (just think of that gym membership card of yours that only gathers dust and eat away your bank account balance). You only pay for the A2A event you want to attend – awesome!

Who's playing in the mud with us?

They plan an adventurous event at least once a month … and most of the time (because they can’t wait for a month to pass) they will arrange smaller adventurous events in between as well. Anyone can then decide whether they want to join an A2A event….or not! Think of adventure races, river rafting in Parys, mountain biking at Harties, sky diving in Witbank, scuba diving in Mozambique, skiing in Lesotho and best of all (for that bucket list we all talk about) they even have an annual 2-week international adventure tour. December 2013’s ‘’Explore Thailand the Addicted2Adventure way’’ 2-week tour was a sell out and huge success…their 1 000’s of photos made all of us who stayed behind super jealous. This December (2014) their tour is called ‘’Explore India the Addicted2Adventure way’’.  I can guarantee you, this is not a ‘’grey headed, slow bus & tea time” tour. You will return from your holiday needing another holiday as you will experience the country on the backs of camels and elephants, be spoiled to drive on a Jeep among real tigers, sleep in heritage palaces, camp in the desert, eat spicy food with your fingers and dance with the locals.

Who's diving with us?

Anyway…before I get carried away too much (I can feel that I want to go bungee jumping now …ok, maybe not that extreme J) have a look at their 2014 Year Programme (events added and updated regularly) and see if you want to join them sooner or later on one or all of their adventurous events.


Before I forget: enter into their current K-Way Competition here.

To stay up to date with Addicted2Adventure’s future events:

Subscribe to their monthly e-newsletter here (see the February 2014 e-newsletter).

Addicted 2 Adventure Tent

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