KFC Suck

And again KFC disappoints me because of shitty service…

This Sunday that passed (15 January 2012) my fiancé and I went to Pick n Pay to  do some grocery shopping. When we got there we decided to go and eat something at the KFC across the road at East Rand Mall. We both ordered a regular KFC twister and a chocolate Krusher. There were only two other people waiting in the queue and the order took forever. When we finally got our food my fiance took a bite of her Twister and found that the damn chicken strips were raw. How could the chicken strips be raw. They took forever to cook it!

So I got up and asked the woman at the counter WTF is going on. The woman at the till just looked at the twister, walked away and came back after 2mins and said they’ll make a new one. She didn’t apologise or say anything. When we got the new twister it looked ok but we just had a look inside for spit because you never know.

I’m glad KFC reminded me why I don’t eat their shitty plastic mayonnaise burgers and oily chicken. They’ve got enough oil in their chicken to fill up one of those canola bottles.

So I would suggest to everyone to rather walk across the road and get Steers instead. They’ve got awesome service, the patties are thick (unlike the excuse for patties at McDonald’s) and it tastes awesome!

KFC, to apologise for your crappy food and service, I would like a Steers voucher.


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