12 Things that happen when you’re about to have your windscreen washed

Your day has started off swimmingly! You’re all tra-la-la in the traffic and nothing will ruin your day! But then…


1. The nerves start as soon as you realize the robot is going to turn red

Utter confusion and disbilief

Utter confusion and disbelief


2. You look around to see if those pesky window washers are anywhere in sight

“Where are you, you creepy people of the intersections?”


3. WIN! They must have taken the day off


4. You look in your rear view mirror and…OMAGOSH NO! Is that?…


5. You try to make yourself invisible

“This car drives itself…don’t mind me, I’m not here”


6. You’re like “Thanks but no thanks”


7. You shouldn’t have bothered, because they squirt water on your windscreen anyway…and your world shatters


8. Disappointment makes way for disgust when you see the colour of the water they’re cleaning your car with



9. You can’t let this happen to your car…so you say no in every way imaginable

“No no no no”


“Please, no; just don’t…NO!”


“I don’t like that- NO”


10. But they carry on anyway





11. And then they ask you for cash



12. Good bye good mood; no more Tra-la-la in the traffic. I’ll try again tomorrow


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  1. zethu morwatsehla November 13, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Wow Kitty…that was on point!

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